Le Cordon Bleu – Intermediate Patisserie

I just graduated from intermediate pastry!

Learnt and made so many things..

Puff pastry, tarts, assembled cakes..

Tempering chocolate, plated desserts..

Something savoury, dome shaped cakes..

Breads and even a croquembouche!

These were my exam pieces 🙂

At graduation with one of my favourite chefs ever – Chef Nicolas Gordon.

Done with basic and intermediate pastry. Superior… here I come!


9 thoughts on “Le Cordon Bleu – Intermediate Patisserie

  1. YAY! Congatulations! And I don’t know what’s the right term so I’m just gonna call it a cake, but that is so perfectly even, like the sides look like it was cut with a laser and everything (excuse the choice of language), looks like you’re learning a lot!
    Hope you’re having a good time before your classes start (if they haven’t already) and see you back here!


  2. Hi there!
    I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago. I am studying at LCB Paris myself at the moment (superior patisserie) and I’d like to know if you are interested in selling me your triangle and silicone base for chocolate work…Just trying to save some money here and there.thanks

    • hello! sorry but i’m planning to bring them back with me! try mora? or somewhere nearby. i remember my friends bought their silpats cheaper than mine from a store because they had discounts for culinary students!

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