I’m Felicia, a 21 year old Business Studies Graduate from Ngee Ann Poly and self-taught baker in Singapore!

Currently in Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, doing my Diploma in Pastry! (June 2011 to December 2011)

I bake purely for my passion in baking, I don’t own a business or sell my cakes if any of you are wondering!

I was using an DSLR, Canon 500D. But now am using a compact camera, Canon s95.

Muffinsareuglycupcakes started back in July 2009, when i wanted to share recipes and experiences with my readers.Β I love making icecream, baking cookies, brownies, pastries, 3D cakes, pies, tarts and so much more. I enjoy eating them as much as making them πŸ™‚

You can drop me an email if you have any questions!


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  1. hi felicia,

    I’m stephanie. Is regarding i heard from my younger sister, you once did a customized birthday cake. I was wondering if you are still able to do a customized cake for me. Thank you for your time. And i await your reply.

    Sincerely stephanie.

  2. Hi felicia,

    I read the post on Macarons and am wondering if I’m able to purchase Macarons from you? How much do you charge per Macaron? How do I collect from you? By the way, I need them by this week, either wednesday or thursday, as farewell gift to my colleagues. Thank you.


  3. Hi Felicia,
    First of all, Bravo to your excellent and perseverance in cake making. I can see the intense passion in you. I am ex-colleague turn personal friend of Chun/Meng and Irene. They have spoke of you many times and your awesome cakes. You remind me of Julie in the show, Julie and Julia πŸ™‚

    I too love to bake but not as good and innovative as you do. I have much to learn.

    And I heard of the good news in pursuing further in this area in going overseas after your graduation. Singapore is gonna have an additional excellent chef in the industry, Bravo.

    Go get it girl! πŸ™‚

    • hi alice, thank you!
      auntie irene is quite a baker herself πŸ˜‰
      i enjoyed J&J very very much.
      its all about trying, you havent seen my horrible failed attempts thats all πŸ˜›
      hopefully all goes according to plan.
      thanks again for the encouragement and kind words!

  4. hi Felicia (;
    may I know how much will a 3D cake costs? and how long will I have to wait to get the cake? and also how do I get the cake from you? {;

    thanks in advance!
    waiikeii. ;D

  5. Hey Felica,

    I have to say what you have been doing- all those 3d cakes- are so enticing. Looks good and i am sure it tastes really yummy. Been following your blog for quite sometime. Will you be opening a cafe soon?! (:

    • hello! haha silent follower πŸ˜›
      thank you! hehe.
      wait till i finish studying! hehehe.

  6. Hi Felicia,

    Wanted to order a 3D cake for my boss who’s into branded bags. Please advise how long in advance do I have to order, the size of the cake available, the flavours available (durian available?), in terms of cost & collection of the cake. Thanks.


  7. Hi Felicia,

    Your cakes are cool, especially the ones which are meant to look like the real stuff, eg. bags, cigarette pack

    I would like to find out how much do you charge for a customised cake like this?

    Thanks! look forward to hear from you. : )


  8. Hi Felicia,

    all your cakes, chips etc are so awesome.

    my sister 21st bday is in oct, do kindly send me an email to let me know your charges.

    thank you.

  9. Hi Felicia

    I am so impressed by your cakes. They are awesome.

    I will like to know how much does customization cost and what is the lead time.

    I am thinking of giving my friend a surprise (nov) and hubby (dec).

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • hi eileen, thanks for your kind words!
      i’d love to help.
      unfortunately i’m just a student.
      have school and other commitments.
      i’ll try my best. drop me an email okay?

  10. Hi Felicia,

    Am amazed with your cakes! could I kindly find out the prices of your pasteries? Am trying to plan something for my wedding but am not sure what i could do either… =(

  11. Hello Babe!

    It was enjoyable to watch all your posts of cakes and all. I would like to enquire how are you charges for mini figurines of different cartoon characters ( like 23 of them.)

    • hi michelle,
      mini figurines? haha.
      sorry i’m just a student!
      i don’t usually sell my things :/
      don’t know how i can help.
      why don’t you drop me an email!
      i might be able to find someone who can help you with that πŸ™‚

  12. Hi, would you help to bake a cake for my brother’s 21st birthday? ive seen the cakes you bake, its really beautiful.

    • awww thanks chelsey!
      i’d love to help but am still a student!
      really busy with school!
      if you need a recommendation, maybe you could drop me an email?

  13. Hey there, Felicia. I’m really impressed by your cake designs & I know you’ve heard the compliment a thousand times, prolly πŸ˜‰ I’ll be having a themed birthday party in January next year & I do hope you’ll be able to bake a customized cake for me. I’ve checked through many bakeries & obviously, they don’t quite have such interesting ideas as yours πŸ˜‰

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    X, rach

    • haha! you’re too generous with your compliments.
      thanks! heh.
      hmmm. i dont sell my bakes actually :/
      am still studying!
      january is a little far..
      haha i’d love to help though.
      maybe you could drop me an email later in the year?

    • hi jane.
      i don’t sell my cakes, i don’t have a business!
      haha am still a student.
      would love to help you out but i’m afraid i won’t have the time!

  14. Hi there,

    I happened to stumble upon your blog while randomly surfing on Twitter and I must say, your cakes are absolutely amazing! And to say that you’re self-taught, I’m truly impressed! Is there any chance of me getting you to bake me one for my birthday? Here’s the catch – you’ll have to figure out a way to ship it all the way to Canada! πŸ™‚

    • hello teren! why thank you dear πŸ™‚
      hahaha, fly over to singapore! πŸ˜›
      the cake probably won’t last and fall apart by the time it gets there!

      • Ahhh well in that case, I guess there’s no choice but for me to book myself the next flight to Singapore!

        I’m curious – do you ever have any plans to turn this into something professional? I know you’re still a student and it’s probably pretty busy but I think it’ll be a bit of a waste of potential if you don’t at least try that route? You can have your own tv show like ‘Ace of Cakes’!

      • hello teren, yes i’ve plans to further my studies in that direction πŸ™‚
        it’s my passion and i won’t let it stop at just experimenting at home!
        heh, haven’t watched that yet! i love watching masterchef, cake boss and ultimate cake off though!

  15. Hi felicia,

    i saw the cake u did for ms joanna peh for david gan. Nxt sun is actually my 22nd birthday. I was thinking is it possible to make a cake for mi? I was thinking of having a hand braclet cake. It doesnt matter how it looks like. I was wondering if u are free to make one for mi?

    Can I know roughly the details of the cake and also the prize for the cake? And if u are able to make it for mi, can u let mi knw? Thanks. I really hope u can do it. I wish it can be a 3D cake. Thank you. And maybe u can let mi know hw it is possible to get the cake from u? Thanks.

  16. Hi Felicia, great job with all the cakes and designs! πŸ™‚ I’d like to know if you could help me out with a 3D cake for my sis’ birthday coming up in Oct. Could you kindly drop me an e-mail regarding the details i.e. cost, collection, etc..? Thanks!

  17. Hi!

    Would just like to say that the cakes you make are really awesome! They look so genuine! I am 16, always loved to bake but seeing your cakes inspire me a lot to try out some other than the usual brownies and cupcakes. Anw, would like to know how you were able to pick up your skills and, do you have any recommendations/advice on these skills? [cos I’m interested in learning after Os at the end of the year] πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    • hey teng hwee.
      great to know i’ve been an inspiration πŸ˜› heh.
      it’s a lot about exploring on your own really πŸ™‚
      just keep experimenting and trying!

  18. Hi felicia, I saw many pretty pictures of the cakes you designed, may I know if I could purchase a bdae cake from you? Hope to hear from you soon. Tks

  19. Hi Felicia..

    Have seen the cakes on your blog and i have to say its damn cool and you are only 20.Would like to ask are you able to do 3D cake in shape of a naruto figurine and how much would it cost roughly.

  20. Hey Felicia, my friend recommended me this blog and your talent is truly awesome. I’d like to ask you of a huge favour.

    I have a birthday celebration on September 13 and it’s very important to me because it’s my sister’s 34th birthday and I haven’t been able to spend it with her in years. She’s a real bag hag so your latest Alexa creation will definitely make her tick. Will you be able to pull out some time to do me this favour?

    Let me know at funtabulastic@hotmail.com? Cheers xx

  21. hihi, your cakes are nice and beautiful.. I would like a customized cake for my daughter’s 1 yr old birthday on November..
    Can I know how much do you charge for the size of 8 inches cake?

  22. hi felicia, my friend’s birthday is coming
    and I was hoping to get him a special thing.
    could you let me know how much a customized cake cost, how long do i wait and how do i get it? thanks πŸ™‚

  23. Greetings Felicia,

    I’ve emailed you asking whether you could do me a favour for helping me to design a cake for my 21st.


  24. hi Felicia,
    I’m keen to know more about the customise 3D cake and others (eg. other design, cost, how long will I have to wait to get the cake? and also how do I get the cake from you? πŸ˜‰

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance!

  25. Hi !! I was drooling all over my PC when i saw your blog and i just wanted to say that you are doing a fantastic job πŸ™‚
    Look forward to more creations from you πŸ˜€

  26. Hi Felicia,

    I would like to check with you on getting a customised 3D cake, what’s the price and how do I collect the cake?


  27. Hi Felicia,

    I would like to enquire if I’m able to order a double chocolate cake for my cousin’s birthday. How much would you charge for this and how am I able to collect the cake? Hope you would reply asap. Thanks!(:

  28. Hi felicia,

    your cakes are fantastic..may i know the charges of chanel 2.55 3d cakes..and the approximate charges of other 3D designs for eg iphone and branded bags too..thank you..have a nice day… =D

  29. Not only do you bake beautiful cakes, I can see that you have a beautiful and pure heart in making others happy. And you reply to each comment with so much patience. I am really impressed by you and the painstaking details on your cakes. Its amazing how many people ask you to bake for them and how much you charge for the cakes. How many times do you have to reply ‘I don’t sell my cakes’. I wish your readers can be more considerate. Not everything in this world can be bought. But maybe that is why your celebrity status cakes are now coveted even more πŸ™‚ I will just admire your cakes by reading your blog πŸ™‚

    • awwwww!! thanks my dear πŸ™‚
      no it’s okay really, it’s nice to see how much people want to try my work!
      it’s really heartwarming to see that.
      i’d love to sell my cakes one day though heh.
      i’ll have to study first!
      thanks again for the support πŸ™‚

  30. Hi Felicia,

    Your cake really look good.

    I am wondering. Do you make sugar free cake?

    What is your charges like? Do you have a list?



  31. Hi , just happen to see you blog , love your cakes , sad though , ha ha I am in the pastry line for 2 years and i still cannot do anything that come close to what you did !! ha ha … Nice works , Keep it up !!!!

    • thank you! haha my first job starts tomorrow!
      wow 2 years, i’m sure you like it in the industry.
      surely one day you’ll be really good!

  32. hi felicia, i read that you dont sell your bakes but prehaps you have good recommendation to share? im looking for a 3d cake for my son who will be celebrating his 1st birthday in dec =P hope to hear from u soon!

  33. Hi felicia,
    I have look on ur 3d cake..It fantastic..Actually i m planning to present a special cake for my friend 21st year old birthday on december..Just wondering are u able to help me??Thanks~~

  34. Hi Felicia,

    I stumbled across your blog and my my you are one amazing and talented girl!

    Do you take orders? =) And how long do i need to wait? Deliveries + prices? Please drop me an email! Thanks a lot and rock on! =)

  35. Good day Felicia

    My hubby birthday is on 3 Dec, Friday. Wondering if you have any slots to make a cake?

    I want to give to give him a surprise.

    Do drop me email.

    Have a brilliant day.

  36. Hi Felicia !
    I heard about you through a friend and i was wondering if you could help me customize a cake for my up coming birthday in December ? How much is the cost and stuff . Please do drop me an email .


  37. Hi Felicia,

    you bake awesome cakes!! I was wondering if you could make one for my best friend’s 21st birthday party! I was thinking along the lines of a “Angry Birds” themed cake for her. Would appreciate if you could revert me the price and stuff. Thanks! =)


  38. Hey felicia!

    I emailed you about 2 days ago regarding a birthday cake for my friend. I haven’t got any reply! 😦 I was wondering if I got the wrong email address?

  39. hey girl!
    i was wondering if you could do a 3d cake in the shape of a car for my boyf’s birthday? it’ll be on the 11th feb!
    do let me know if it’s possible, and if it is, the pricing/further details. looking forward to your mail, thanks!

  40. Hi Felicia,

    I’ve read amazing reviews about you! Would really love to find out if you are able to bake a 21st Birthday Cake for a very good friend of mine. His birthday celebration will be on this Sat (26 Feb).

    I’ve no specific design in mind… However he love Dogs… so wondering if you are able to come out with something…

    Would like to hear from you soon!

    Thank you!

  41. Hi felicia,

    im amazed by your creations of cakes and your love for baking. Im planning to get a customized cake for my bro on his 21st birthday, 6th of march, and im wondering if u have slots available. Hear from u soon! Thanks πŸ˜€

  42. Hi Felicia, i can tell that you are very occupied with all your commitments.

    However, my bestfriend did emailed you about her 21st bdae cake for this saturday’s party 7 March 2011. Right now she is really unsure if you are still helping her with the cake, as there wasn’t any confirmation email.

    I would really appreciate if you can get back to me at the soonest possible so that we can be advised of the next step ☺

  43. Hi Felicia!

    20 year old with such good skills is amazing!

    Do you take orders? =) And how long do i need preorder it? and how about the pricing and delivery chargers? I’m looking for a cake for my 21st birthday party which is within my budget.

    Please drop me an email! Thanks a lot! =)

  44. Hi Felicia
    A friend of mine actually recommended me to your blog. I must say you’re such a talent in baking πŸ™‚

    I’m planning to get a 3D cake for my friend’s birthday on 9th Apr, which is next Saturday. Just wondering if you’re able to take this order.

    Do let me know if you can help and how much is the cost. Hope to hear from you soon.


  45. Hi Felicia
    I’m planning to get a 3D cake for my friend’s birthday on 9th Apr, which is next Saturday. Just wondering if you’re able to take this order.

    Do let me know if you can help and how much is the cost. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  46. hello!
    i’m actually sourcing around for a retro themed cake for my friend’s 21st birthday and chance upon your site, and is very impressed with whatever cake design you came up with.

    would it be possible to help bake one?

    Please let me know the price and if you can help me with this!

    Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon!

  47. Hi, Vicki pointed me to you when I asked about cake customisation.

    Can I check if you could customise a T-rex cake for a 2-year-old boy’s birthday? We are expecting a small party of about 12 pple for his birthday? Possible for the cake to be <2kg? If not, what is your advice and price?


  48. Hi Felicia,

    Happen to saw your blog on a magazine few months ago which you had made a Hermes 3D cakes. I would like to enquire do you do any 3D Doreamon cakes?

    As I have a birthday party coming 2nd of May where my bf family almost 5 including himself born in the May. And they love doreamon alot.

    Just wanna check do you have time on this?
    As I love your work piece alot.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  49. hi felicia

    may i know whats your oven brand and model tt u use for your home baking? im thinking of changing my oven soon.any brands/models to recommend? thanks πŸ™‚

    • hello! mine’s an ariston! don’t remember the model name..
      googled it and i think its a FZ 990 C.1 IX.
      it’s a digital oven and it does well!
      it’s actually my first oven so i haven’t got to compare it with others yet..
      so i can’t give you a recommendation!
      i bought mine at mayer..
      maybe you could ask them for their advice!

  50. Hey Felicia,

    I dropped you an email using this email address, hope you can revert soon! Really envy your skill for baking! (:

    – V.

  51. Hi Felicia,

    I have an urgent question to ask about as my friend from India will be coming over with her whole family to SG to celebrate her mother’s 60th Birthday. Is that possible to tell me how much will it cost for a chocolate cake with 4 items decor on top? (Playing cards, shopping bag, aeroplane and mobile. They can be one on each corner or you can purpose to it as long as you think will be nice. And I need the cake by 3rd June evening though. Pls reply me ASAP. Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,

  52. Hi Felicia..

    Wish to enquiry more regarding cupcakes and 3D cakes. Could you kindly drop me an email to discuss further? thank you! Look forward to your reply :))

  53. Hi Felicia,

    I would like to enquire about 3D birthday cakes for a surprise party at end of June. Could you kindly drop me an email please.


  54. Hi Felicia, would you be able to do a 3D cake for a friend’s birthday in September? Would love to order a cake. Please let me know the cost applicable πŸ™‚ Thanks

  55. Hi felicia,
    am very very impressed with the cakes you have baked when you’re a self taught baker! my bf birthday is around in aug and would wanna give him a real surprise. would appreciate if you could help?

  56. Hey Sabrina! A very good friend of mine is celebrating her birthday come the 15th of July ’11. And i have this design in my mind.
    She’s a fond lover of the World Wildlife Fund(WWF) movement group and so i was thinking of animal related
    frosting for the cup cakes? Basically species of animals that are looking at extinction/over-fishing for e.g, sharks, dolphins,
    tigers, pandas, rhinos. Most importantly it has to have the WWF logo(Panda Insignia) on one of the cupcakes.
    Let me know what you think about it? And most of all, whether is do-able. I thank you for taking the time to read this, have
    a great week ahead. Cheers!

    • hey leonard.
      i won’t be in singapore then! i’m currently in paris.
      i’m afraid i won’t be able to help you out!
      and by the way.. the name’s felicia πŸ˜›

  57. Hi I’m still trying my luck although you mentioned you do not sell cakes but your 3D cakes looks sp pretty!

    Would I be able to order a smallest 3D bag cake from you? It’s just for fun and the aesthetic beauty of it that I’d like to get it for a birthday girl. looking forward to your reply- Julianne

  58. Hello I would like you to bake for my bf bday a car cake of a red Evolution 9
    Mitsubishi. Anw, how much will it be? Please get back to me
    ASAP. Thankyou so much πŸ˜€

  59. hello felicia, i would like to know if u hv plan to open macarron class on april? im fm indonesia n i will be at singapore on 17 april .. will u hv plan to open macarron class on 17 april? pls email me : plucky8@hotmail.com

    • hi indrawati. sorry but i’m only a homebaker! i wish to teach in the near future but it won’t be anytime soon.

  60. Hi Felicia,

    I was wondering if you would be able to help me with a cake for a birthday?
    Look forward to your reply ^^

  61. Hey Felicia, I tried to send you a email but it didn’t work. I have a few questions ask if that is all right. Thanks a bunch

  62. Hello.

    I would love to order a 3d care for my boyf 21st on July. Are u still ble to customize a cake for me?

    Waiting for ur reply.

  63. hi felicia!

    i would love to order a rainbow cake.. just a simple 25cm square with some rainbow sprinkle and a name “jessy” on top of it.. for next week wed.. hope you can help me! πŸ™‚

    regards celine

  64. Bonjour/Bonsoir Felicia !

    I’m Antoine, your french student of the Macaron’s class today.

    Just wanted to says few words…
    Merci beaucoup, ton cours Γ©tait gΓ©nial, je ne manquerais pas de m’inscrire a d’autres de tes cours !

    Je voulais te dire que si tu veux pratiquer ton FranΓ§ais (PlutΓ΄t bon) je serais ravi de te voir autour d’un verre, diner, ou dessert !
    (Je n’ai pas osΓ© te demander ton numΓ©ro…dommage)

    Au plaisir de te revoir…et continue tu es une super pΓ’tissiΓ¨re, ton blog est impressionnant ! Bravo…



    • bonjour antoine!

      wow that’s fast you managed to google me out. glad you enjoyed the class! thanks for the offer, mais je suis tout a fait occupΓ© maintenant.. peut etre une autre fois!

      a la prochaine cours, antoine!


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