Special Guests in November

November has been great, other than getting my intermediate certificate in pastry. I’ve had quite a few visitors last month!

My dear Joanne came to Paris.

Went to Leon’s for mussels.

Brought her down Champs Elysees and to the famous Arc de Triomphe.

And also, Martin came down from Luzern!

Look at what this sweet boy got me, knowing how crazy I am over everything cupcake.

Being very very touristy hahaha.

And guess we headed to!

Disneyland Paris 🙂 Took us a good 1.5 hours on the train to get there.

Really excited because it’s my first time in this Disneyland. The last time I went was more than 10 years ago in Japan. The weather was really cold! Even colder than what it was in Paris.

Was fun trying out all the ears.. hats and everything!

All of us had a go at it 😛

Loved how everything looked.

Even coffees are so cute.

Helloooooo Goofy!

Pluto! My childhood favourite.

Saw a cupcake looking house. NEEDed to take a picture.

Off to the rides soon!

I want all these teapots and cups in my kitchen please!

Martin fit perfectly with this hat. Little irish man! His clothes matched the whole look hahaha.

No idea what’s the name of this character, but it was hilarious with its grumpy face! Look how tiny Martin looks 😛

After a couple of rides.. We were like “Pffffft. After all that, Indiana Jones was nothing!” Thus my facial expression and hand hahaha.

Swordfight! Check out the Mickey popcorn tub I was carrying around everywhere 😛

Bobby looked so good in all of the hats. He should cast in Pirates!

Whole of Disney was so Christmasy. Loved it.

We found Ratatouille hats! Super cute. Got one for my little cousin.

Look at the picture she sent me after she received it. How precious is that! 🙂

Evening Christmas lights and tree after the Disney March. Beautiful.

Ended off with a good dinner and some Disney shopping!

That’s pretty much it for Disney. 11am to 9pm! Was just nice for just one park. Would love to visit the other park one day!

Did something more touristy the next day with Martin. Notre Dame.

The Lourve.

And later at night we joined 2 friends to the club!


Was a fun night.

Went to the Eiffel tower the next day, late afternoon. And rushed down to meet Joanne and Bobby for dinner.

A really nice and quaint restaurant.

I highly recommend this place! It’s called Robert et Louise. Made a reservation. They take reservations at 18h30 or 21h30.

Joanne and Bobby were really sweet. This was our last meet in Paris before they left! They said they saw it and it reminded them of me so they had to get it for me.

Awww. Is that sweet or what? It’s a jewelry holder.

Started off with some drinks and a cheese platter.

Their signature steak. It was so good! Even the potatoes. Still don’t know how potatoes can taste so good! *Cues tears of joy*

The boys.

The girls.

The restaurant serves good dessert and coffee too!

Creme Brulee

Warm chocolate cake

Chocolate Charlotte

Afterwhich Martin and I headed back to the Eiffel tower because he wants to see it at night! Believe it or not, it’s my first time up the Eiffel tower then hahaha.

Beautiful view of Paris.

Brought Martin to my first class of Superior Pastry!

“Look Pa, I’ve been to Le Cordon Bleu!”

Martin went back to Luzern the next day!

And a couple of days later..

My big sister came to visit!

Along with my friend! Went to the Notre Dame, again hahaha. Lost count how many times I’ve been there.


Up the Eiffel tower again. 2 times up the tower that week! Hahaha!

Sister and me 🙂

School already started then, so it was hard for me to meet them. Only met them one other time for dinner before they left 😦

It was nice having family over though. Makes me miss home so much!

Yeah November was good having so many visitors all around the same time.

Thank you Martin, Joanne and Bobby for the company and so much fun. See you guys back in Singapore!

Thanks Jiejie and Xiaowei for coming over to visit and paying for everything hahaha 😛 You guys are the best! See you two next year when I’m back home.

Miss you all already!



6 thoughts on “Special Guests in November

  1. its good that you are enjoying your time in paris! all the fun you can get studying abroad 🙂 all you photos make me wanna take the next flight out to paris! envious much!!

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