Cambridge/London Trip

About a month back, I went over to Cambridge and London over the long weekend. Mainly to see 2 friends of mine whom I haven’t seen in over a year.

I had to take 2 trains to Cambridge. From Paris to London, and another 45 mins to Cambridge.

It’s a small town surrounded by universities!

Weather was nice and cool in August.

Went punting too! So many good looking punters there 😛

Punting was a good way to sightsee and looking at the many universities around.

My friend Mark brought me to a few nice places for dinners. Want to share them with you guys! I don’t remember what exactly we had.. But I’ll try to remember.

This was a pigeon terrine Mark had for his starter.

And I had a seafood soup with mussels, prawns and crayfood. Pretty damn good I must say.

Roasted Partridge.

Grass fed, fillet steak.

I think this was a chocolate tart with 2 kinds of chocolate or something. And vanilla icecream.

And a peach part with icecream.

Nice place with 2 levels.

It’s really not bad. I would actually go back. It’s called Cotto if you’re interested 🙂 You might want to make reservations in advance!

One of the many beautiful universities in Cambridge. So many that I don’t actually remember what each of them are called. You’d have to pay a small fee to visit the universities, unless you have a friend who studies there, like me 😀

It’s really interesting to see the architecture and read about the history of these buildings. Including their Chapels, libraries etc.

They have cool stories and myths behind all the bridges too. This particular one is called the Mathematical bridge if I’m not wrong.

We had lunch at Bill’s one day. I really like their layout!

It was modern and really colourful. It’s relatively new there and there seems to always be a queue. We had to wait half an hour before getting a table.

Mark being boring, ordered burger and fries. Hahaha, but it was good. I ate half of his fries.

I had a really good butternut squash risotto!

I love the sceneries in Cambridge 🙂

One other place we had dinner at was at Fort Saint George. Apparently one of the oldest pubs in Cambridge. Well, according to Mark that is. It’s a small restaurant bar, nicely and simply furnished. Wooden tables and chairs, really nice.

That’s Mark, whom I’ve known for 10 years now. Like a big brother to me!

I had steak and red wine for dinner.

We went up to the highest point in Cambridge, St John’s Chapel if I remember correctly. Though your regular Singapore HDB flat is easily taller than this hahahaha! Was really quite breathtaking.

And again.. back to food.

Had dinner at Zizzi.

Had duck.

And a pizza.

Loved their gelato!

That pretty much summarizes my stay in Cambridge. Had a good time visiting the universities and eating so much. Thanks Mark for having me 🙂

And then I left for London to meet my friend Samantha.

We had cravings for Chinese food.

So here we are having some duck.

With the wrappers and sweet sauce. Yum.

Makes me miss Singapore food so much.

Beef horfun!

Sam and I in Chinatown. Only spent a day in London though. Was short but a good time catching up.

I stayed with classmate Nancy who graciously put me up for the night before we headed back to Paris for class together. What do you get when you put 2 pastry students together? We bake and cook, of course!

Nancy wanted a go and making macarons, so we did.

Just made some with chocolate ganache.

She also made dinner! Wicked pasta I must say. Loved it.

An awesome dinner and drinks, good sleep and trip back to Paris!

Thanks to Mark, Sam and Nancy for all the fun and company during this time 🙂


5 thoughts on “Cambridge/London Trip

  1. Hello Felicia,
    I’m from Singapore and I’m 18 this year. I’m interested in joining the Pastry Diploma programme at Le Cordon Bleu, next year. I really need your opinion on the course!
    How do you find it so far, with all honesty (: How old are most of the students in the course?
    Will really appreciate it if you could just drop me an email :

    Thank you so much!

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