Homemade Vanilla Extract

If you followed my blog long enough, you’d know very well that i’m a vanilla bean person. I hardly ever use vanilla extract/essence. But there’s going to be a change.. Why?

Because i’m going to make my own 😉

I’ve read a number of blogs on this. And i really like a particular blog’s post on it. That would be Joy the Baker. Love the post, description and photos 🙂

It can’t get any simpler than this!

Homemade Vanilla Extract

1 cup vodka
3 vanilla pods
A jar that can be closed tight

This recipe is pretty much standard from the blogs i’ve read.

Vanilla pods! Ahhhhh 😀

I did it slightly differently from what i linked above. But its all quite similar. What i did was to split each vanilla pod lengthwise, then crosswise.

Place it in your jar.

And will with vodka! You should only use the vanilla extract after at least 2 months. The longer the better of course, it’ll be stronger! How awesome right? Not splurging on expensive pure vanilla extract or wasting money on the very fake tasting vanilla essence. Just keep adding to this magic jar 😀

Honestly, i didnt follow the measurements. As in the ratio of vanilla pods vs the vodka. Because if you ask me, in that two months, i’d be throwing in vanilla pods now and then. After scraping out the seeds for a cake or something, i’d probably just dump the rest in anyway. IMHO, i dont think it really matters.

Don’t worry about the vodka, because by the time this is ready for use, the vanilla would be so strong and fragrant and awesome, you won’t be able to smell/taste the vodka. Cover tight and store in a dark place 🙂

This is Felicia reporting on Day 0 of Project Vanilla.

I’ll be constantly updating this post on the colour change and stuff! Watch this space 😉

Day 1:

After 24 hours: Awesome 'sunset' colour. Smells like pure vodka.

Day 5:

Dont judge the extract colour from this photo! Just showing you guys the new bottle i bought from Ikea to store it 😛

This picture shows a more accurate photo! Day 5: A nice amber 🙂 Smells like sweet vodka. Kinda reminds me of cough syrup.. with alcohol. LOL.

Saw an awesome jar perfect for making vanilla sugar. I couldnt resist.. So.. Hahahaha.

Check out my vanilla sugar! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Day 17:

A darker hue of amber. Smell didn't change.

Day 37:

Getting darker, though not much change in smell yet.

Day 47: Packed and labeled for Valentines Day

Smell got slightly sweeter..

And it was a tad bit darker

Didn't keep any for myself! So i guess this ends here..

Thanks for reading, though! Hope you guys enjoyed this post 🙂


34 thoughts on “Homemade Vanilla Extract

  1. Great post! Very useful indeed. I am just wondering if I can sub vodka with something else tho. Hmmm … But yes, nothing like homemade vanilla extract. The real thing! Imagine how good your bakes will taste. Merry Christmas, dear Fel!

    • thank you my dear!
      ive read that some people use rum!
      dont know how different they turned out though.
      heehee. merry xmas to you too ju.
      when i get the awesome extract,
      i’ll mail a bottle to you okay! 🙂

    • i must make vanilla sugar soon!
      heehee yes you should start now,
      since youd only get to use this 2 months later!
      will keep you guys posted 🙂

  2. i had no idea it was so easy to make real vanilla extract! and what do ya know–i just got some gorgeous vanilla beans. now i need some vodka and i’m all set (in more ways than one…). 🙂

    • yeah just 2 ingredients!
      i think the most expensive ingredient is time hahaha!
      heehee, i know right! you wont use the whole bottle up for the extract.
      so might as well.. hahaha.

    • i had the same thought when i stumbled upon the recipe!
      i was like I HAVE TO MAKE THIS RIGHT NOW.
      good thing i have some vodka at home.
      and i always have some vanilla pods around. heehee.
      can’t wait to see you post it up! 🙂

    • yeah they are 😦
      at least now you dont have to throw them out after scraping the beans! 😉
      and you’re most welcome dear.

  3. I agree with u that the vanilla essence is a complete waste of time. The Nielsen Massey that I used now is awesome but so it is the price! I will certainly gonna make my own soon!

    • yeah i didnt know that initially too!
      amazing eh. just two simple ingredients.
      heh. have fun watching the process 🙂

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