Miracle Frooties

This is a very very late post. But here goes. Quite a while back, while i was doing my daily reads from my favourite blogger friends, i stumbled upon Katherine’s post about Miracle Frooties.

What are they you may ask? They’re these tablets, they come from some sort of strange fruit, which plays with your taste buds. Sour into sweet? No way. Never seen/heard anything like this before.

Too bad we don’t have it in Singapore, i thought to myself.

BUT WAIT. My dear Katherine offered to send some over from Aussie 🙂 I was soooo excited!

And look what came in the mail a few weeks later 😉

The little brown pills (omg i make them sound like some kind of drug) were small and i had my doubts what these little things could do. They were rough and subtly sweet. Not tasty at all but it was alright. It took quite some time to dissolve though! Had to cheat and bite a little. Heh.

I first did the experiment with my 9 year old cousin. Who refused to try the “before” taste of the large lime, until she saw the reaction i had after trying the frooties. She was really curious and took part as well. And look what we have here.. A really fascinated 9 year old.


Hahaha it was really funny to see her reaction. She couldnt believe that the once sour lime was well, sweet!

She loved it. Running around the house after that, telling everyone that the lime she had was sweet.

Later in the day, my sister and dad was home. And my boyfriend came over. So i dragged them into this flavour tripping event.


The taste change wasn’t that obvious for my sister and my dad because they didn’t roll it on their tongues as long as my cousin or i did. But they did notice a difference.

My sister said “You’re right, it’s sweet!”

Haha look at my dad’s million dollar face. He was trying very hard to taste the sweetness of it. I didn’t get permission from daddy to post his picture here.. But whatever cos i think he looks cute. Hahahaha.

Now.. The boyfriend.

Eating the lime before the frooties

Lime after the frooties.. Bleahhhhh.

Ahhh but ignore him. It wasn’t bad. He’s just a citrus fruit lover. He likes his lemon sorbets.. lime tarts and grapefruits. He loves them the way they are : sour.

So far i’ve only tried it once, and only with lime. Haven’t had the time to try it with other fruits! Apparently it also makes bitter things taste better. When i do try it again, i’ll write another post on it!

Many thanks to Katherine from A Cupcake or Two 🙂

14 thoughts on “Miracle Frooties

    • haha yes! i still have a few! i can mail them to you if you want!
      haha ya lor, damn funny right!
      almost forgot i had these pictures.

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