Lego Cake

Last weekend, I made a cake for my little cousin’s 10th birthday.


2 years ago, I made him a Plants VS Zombies cake because he was crazy over that game. Now he’s all grown up, and has a new obsession – Lego.

He’s become less naughty, cries less, more hardworking, and more gracious. He doesn’t ask me for gifts, nor cakes – he would tell me that he doesn’t want to interrupt me since I’m working. And when I insist, he’ll always tell me something simple will do, and only if I’ve time. One thing hasn’t changed though – he still LOVES chocolate. So I made him his favourite chocolate cake.


He’s also really passionate about soccer right now. So my aunt booked a soccer pitch for the boys to play, ordered pizza and finger food.


Ray An’s growing so fast, sometimes I wish he’d stop right there.


It has been raining a lot recently, lots of unexpected downpour etc. But thank goodness, it was cloudly and cool, really good weather for an outdoor party.


I had fun cutting the cake by the bricks 😛

Happy birthday my dear boy, I hope to make you many more cakes even when I’m 70 hahahah!

10 thoughts on “Lego Cake

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  2. Are you by any chance heading the dessert course at Palate Sensations? Saw your name and hope its you running the course 🙂

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