The Art of Erdinger

A couple of months back, I participated in an creative photo contest. And of course, the only thing close to creative I can do is cake.

This was hosted by my favourite beer – Erdinger. I’ve never exactly won something from a contest/lucky draw before, and never believed that could actually happen. But I gave it a go anyway.

So all the participants had to do was to take and submit a creative photo – a photo that had something to do with the beer, of course. And here was what I came up with.


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Mango Jam

A couple of days ago, our neighbour gave us 2 mangoes from their garden. I’m a big fan of mangoes, and would rather eat the fruit itself. But these riped mangoes were reeeeaaaaallllly sour, that they were just left on the table. But why waste something if you can make it better?

So yes, I made mango jam 🙂

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