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8 Days Feature!
Actually MAG
ELLE Magazine Feature!
iWeekly Feature! (i 周刊)
Mulberry Autumn/Winter Collection Launch
My Sister’s Big Day
NP News (April 2011, Issue 11)
Style Weddings (March – August 2011)

Angry Birds Cake
Angry Birds Cake Version 2
Arai Helmet Cake
Carebear Cake
Chanel 2.55 Cake
Chelsea FC Babe Cake
Christian Louboutin Cake for Joanne Peh
Disney Princesses
Erdinger Cake
Project: 21
Project: 21 (Part 2)
Project: 21 (Part 3)
Golf Cake
Guitar Hero/Raving Rabbid Cake
Haagen Dazs Cake Feat. Sharon Au
Hello Kitty Cake
Hermes Themed Cake Feat. Joanne Peh & David Gan
Hermes Cake
iPhone Cake
Liverpool Cake
LV Hardsided Luggage Cake
Macallan Whiskey Bottle Cake Feat. Yaz
Mulberry Alexa in Ink Blue Cake
No. 2 Race Car Cake
Paulaners Beer Cake
Plants vs Zombies Cake
Polka Dotted Cake
Precious Moments Cake
Pro-fit Institution
Studded Cake

Black & White Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Mud Cake
Donna Hay’s 4-tier Chocolate Cake
Hot Milk Spongecake
Japanese Cottonsoft Cheesecake
Matcha Castella
Red Velvet Cake
Teh Tarik (Milk Tea) Chiffon Cake
Tennis Racquet Cake
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
Vanilla Layered Cake With Fruits

Hot Cocoa

Almond & Cranberry Biscotti
Cream Scones
Matcha & Red Bean Biscotti

Cheesecake Marbled Brownies
Congo Bars

Gingerbread Men
Green Tea Red Bean Cookie: Fail
Melting Moments

Bomb Alaska
Creme Brulee
Matcha Swiss Roll
Jelly Hearts
Strawberry Souffle
Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce
Warm Molten Cakes

Blackberry Sorbet
French Earl Grey Tea Icecream
Japanese Icecreams (Matcha, Black Sesame)
Milk Tea Icecream
Peach Sorbet
Raspberry Sorbet
Vanilla Bean Icecream

Black Forest Macarons
Chocolate Macarons
Earl Grey Macarons
Green Tea Macarons with Chunky Red Bean Paste
Roasted Black Sesame Macarons
Rose Macarons

Banana Oat Crunch Muffins
Bluberry Streusel Muffins
Ernie Cupcakes
Hello Kitty & Friends Cupcakes
Monopoly Deal Cupcakes
Nutella Cupcakes

Apple Chips
Homemade Granola
Kueh Lapis
Ondeh ondeh
Pineapple TartsPopovers

Apple Tart


Banana Bread
Green Tea Polo Bun
Man Tou
Matcha Red Bean Loaf
Polo Buns
Round Donuts
Sticky Buns

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Dear Diary
20th Birthday
A Week in London & Paris
Cambridge/London Trip 2011
Crans-Montana/Lausanne 2011
Happy Post!
Happy Vday + Chinese New Year!
Homecooked Dinner
Julie & Julia, My 19th Birthday
Macaron Class
Miracle Frooties
My First Baking Video on Youtube!
Sharon Au’s Thank You Post!

Life In Paris (June 2011 to February 2012)
Paris, Je t’aime!
Juillet à Paris
Le Cordon Bleu – Intermediate Patisserie
Special Guests in November
When Two Bloggers Came to Visit
Sugarplum Cakeshop
Back to December
I Have Graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris!

Bake Dates
Cinnamon Rolls
Chocolate Banana Crunch Cookies
Cloud Shaped Marshmallows, Calimari Rings And Mac & Cheese

Food Hunts
Food For Thought
Max Brenner’s & Yigloo
Men-tei, Once Upon a Milkshake & Glace Patisserie

Cupcakes & Other Bakes

30 thoughts on “Archive/Recipe Index

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in ur cooking and baking. Wondering u conduct any courses ?

    If yes, pls update me the information.

    • hey judy!

      thanks! 🙂 i’ve had a couple of requests about conducting classes. i’ll try to arrange, if possible. i’ll update you guys if i ever hold one!

      🙂 thanks for your support.

      • Hi i would like to know more about the lessons too.
        Can i check with you how much will you be charging for the lessons if you are conducting it!
        Thanks lots 🙂

  2. Hi Felicia,

    I’m very impressed by your dedicated works and creativity.

    Wondering if you take orders as I would like to order one for my fiancée for our special occasion.



  3. Hi Felicia,

    Happy Studying and Good Luck to your exams!

    Plse let me know when you can run a course for your 3D cakes… very interested to learn from you.


    • hi lewis! thanks 🙂
      though it’ll be kinda hard studying happy haha.
      if i ever get the resources to run a course, i’ll let everyone know!

  4. Hi Felicia,

    I’m very impress in your creativity and baking.. Do include me if you do confirm on conducting a baking class..
    Thanks. 😛

  5. hihi FeliCia! njoy ur trip to paris 😉
    chanced upon ur webbie thru joannepeh’s blog..great work uve got!! could u pls email me the prices of some
    popular cakes u have sold so far? thanks aloT!

  6. Hi

    I’m keen to custom design a cake for our girlfren’s bachelorette party.

    Appreciate if you can email me for correspondence.


  7. Hi! I am very impressed at your creation and art pieces!

    I wonder how much do you charge for your cakes?

    would like to order for my MIL’s birthday!

    please advise!


    • hi nat. im not selling my cakes! i just got a job so i won’t have time anyway 😦 will drop you an email in case you dont see this!

  8. Hi There Talented One,

    im so amazed with your creation.You are so talented n i love the 3D cakes.

    anyways how long in advanced must i book for your service?

    do you do wedding cakes or engagements?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  9. Hi Felicia,

    Do keep me in the loop if you are starting a class.

    Love to hear from you soon!!!!


  10. Hi felicia, do you do 21st birthday cake for September? If yes, how much would it cost for a 3kg cake with customized design? Please email me. Thanks!

  11. Hi there, Its Jen here, Im very interested to make macaron do you have any class coming up? kindly keep me posted ya, I’ve made some at home but end up fail haha so I would like to learn more thx……

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