Batman Tumbler Cake

There were many birthdays in the month of October, including mine! I had quite a few birthday cakes to make.. This was one of them!


This was a surprise birthday cake for Bobby. When Joanne told me a few months back that she wanted a Batman themed cake, I thought to myself  that it’ll be fun! Maybe a simple tier with you know, a batman figure and the logo kinda thing. But no.

Closer to the date, she texted me that she decided on a Batman tumbler. And I have no idea what that was, until she sent me a picture and my jaw dropped. I wasn’t confident, neither was I sure if I could even do this. But I agreed. Honestly right after I said yes, I wanted to just kill myself. Ah well, I still love a good challenge.



I had to google ten thousand photos for all the angles of this vehicle. This took me hours to roll, slice, dry and stick all the pieces together, and also add in the details. It was difficult not only because of the shape, but the colour – it was all black. So I had to fill in some light with the silvers.

I roughed up the fondant on the cake board to make it look like it was riding on the road.



Details on the tyres.

The cake ended up looking rather good. But it did end up looking even better. You see I dont have cake laquer at home to coat and shine my cakes, and working in my air conditioned room kept my fondant nice and dry – thus the matt finish. But once I brought it out into Singapore’s super humid weather, it came alive.



The surprise was a success 🙂



Joanne and Bobby.



Birthday boy and me. I feel so short -_-


The following pictures were stolen from Bobby’s and Joanne’s Instagram.




If I’ve to make a Batman Tumbler this year, I’m not really sure what I’d be making for Bobby next year – I’m nervous already! Hahaha!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Till next time.





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