The Art of Erdinger

A couple of months back, I participated in an creative photo contest. And of course, the only thing close to creative I can do is cake.

This was hosted by my favourite beer – Erdinger. I’ve never exactly won something from a contest/lucky draw before, and never believed that could actually happen. But I gave it a go anyway.

So all the participants had to do was to take and submit a creative photo – a photo that had something to do with the beer, of course. And here was what I came up with.


If you guys remember, I did an Erdinger bottle cake 2 years ago for my best friend. But the cake then was lying flat on the cake board, I didn’t do the full bottle in fact. So this time round, I gave myself a challenge – i wanted this cake to stand.



Et voila, I did it. I inserted a wooden dowel through the cake and into the cake board, which helped this skinny and tall cake stand – though not as skinny as it should be as you can see from the comparison with the actual bottle.



So I took a couple of pictures, a few with the bottle, a few with the pint of beer, a few with the cake sliced.. Then made a 2 picture collage and submitted the photo. There were 5 pairs of tickets to be won by the way.



With a whole day’s hard work, taking a million picutres, I was dreading to slice my cake open. But I had to, just to show that it’s really cake!

Everything was covered in fondant – the cake board and the cake, so were the hand painted labels and bottle cap. Just some whipped cream to top the cake off.



So there you go, drink your beer and eat it too!

And yes, I did win a pair of tickets. To Erding Germany 🙂


Boy did we enjoy ourselves at Herbstfest – lots of beer, pork knuckle and pretzels.


Thanks to APB and Erdinger Singapore!



3 thoughts on “The Art of Erdinger

  1. Hi! I would like to request to do a customised birthday cake for a friend by 19 Dec. Is it possible? Could you email me more info? Much appreciated! 🙂

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