Surprise (Inside) Heart Cake

Never judge a cake by it’s frosting, I always say, okay fine. I sometimes say.

I made this seemingly plain vanilla cake for my favourite twins for their 23rd birthday. I didn’t mention to them in advance that i’d be making them a cake, this gathering was rather last minute anyway.

So I surprised them with this cake. But they didn’t know that the real surprise was IN the cake.

I was really busy that week and didn’t have time to make a fondant cake like I’d like to. Also because theres two of them, and they’re really different in personality and tastes. So why not make something generic that everyone loves? Vanilla. Mm.

Sister shot!

From the title, you would’ve guessed. Yeah, it’s similar to Sharon’s cake!

I was really worried about the outcome – whether or not my measurements and carving were accurate enough to achieve the results. Thank God.

Love with every slice! 🙂

More than meets the eye.

Happy birthday Sam & Manda ❤


4 thoughts on “Surprise (Inside) Heart Cake

    • hello faith! haha nope, i did the carving on my own.
      never knew theres a pan for this!
      everyone loves vanilla 😉 thanks dear!

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