Class 95 Shirt Cake

Last week was Yazzie’s birthday! And decided to make her a cake as a surprise since I had some spare time on my hands.

I love listening to the radio. I listen to radio more than I watch television or YouTube – in my car and when I go to bed, even when I was in Paris, I streamed to my favourtie local station Class 95 🙂

The design came from the Class 95 radio station’s shirt. But instead of it saying ‘Class of 95,’ I tweaked it so that the shirt would say Yaz instead!

This was me 2 years ago when I went for the shirt giveaway. And to see FD, another one of my favourite DJs from the morning show. I LOVE the Morning Express. So yes, I’m a proud owner of a Class 95 shirt myself 😛

Back to the cake..

Yazzie popped up barely 10 mins from when I told her I made her a cake since she was around the area, perfect timing. Really nice to see how excited she was to take a picture.

She then uploaded photos!

A picture of the insides of the cake 🙂

Thanks for the shoutout btw Yaz, and I’m glad you liked it!


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