French-Japanese Cake

Just yesterday was Sharon’s birthday. I haven’t met up with her since March because we were both so so busy! I finally met up with her last saturday for lunch to catch up. And I baked her a cake!

I found out she loooooves chocolate cake from her best friend. But I had no idea what design of cake to make her. She didn’t seem to have a particular brand that she likes.. Neither did I want to make a typical bag or car cake for her.

The only thing I know is her love for Japan and France.

I ended up going with a vanilla cake, thinking she would have had or is going to have loads of chocolate cakes for her birthday.

Since she loves the two countries, I cut out her name in Japan colours in the first half, and french colours on the second half of the cake.

And a heart in the middle, “split” between the two sets of colours. This time the highlight of the cake isn’t the fondant details, but the cake inside. She was already so happy to receive cake from me, but what was exciting was that after lunch, we lit the candle, Sharon made a wish, and I told her to cut both sides of the cake.

She was a little puzzled at first, but really amused later on! You see..

I made half the insides of the cake look like the japan and french flag respectively.

It’s my first time making a cake like this, so I was really nervous and excited at the same time, but it turned out rather well!

I’m really glad you liked the cake, Sharon!

Joyeux Anniversaire ma petit Sharon!


8 thoughts on “French-Japanese Cake

  1. It’s awesome! I must learn how to make this. Care to share how you manage the ‘Japan’ portion? Do you put a baked red cake into the unbaked yellow cake? :p. It’s fine if you prefernot to share as you sell your cakes. I can understand. Thanks Felicia.

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