Rainbow Cake

A couple of days ago, I had some free time on my hands, then decided to bake something for fun! I’ve noticed the trending rainbow cake going around on Facebook, and so, thought – Why not give that a go?

I used a vanilla bean cake recipe, and baked each layer in 8″ round pans. Dyeing them the colours of the rainbow respectively. I measured each layer to be about 200g so that the thickness of each layer wouldn’t differ too much.

It was really time consuming, also because I only had about three 8″ pans? So I can to wait in between to bake my next. The cakes turned out slightly domed so I had to use a serrated knife to trim it off.

I made a vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream, and frosted in between layers, trying to make them as leveled as possible. I even sprinkled hundreds and thousands in between the layers, which didn’t really show in the end, maybe i should’ve put more or even mixed it into the buttercream.

After crumb coating it I put it in the fridge for 30 mins to set before putting on the final layer, this is where you mask all that colourful cake in, making this cake seem like a plain old vanilla cake..

.. until you slice into it that is.

Tadah! Was really pleased with the outcome of the colours.

I shared them with family and friends, and they seem to have really enjoyed it!


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