DIY Cupcake Party!

Last weekend, I helped an ex-teacher of mine with her daughter’s 7th birthday.

She thought it’ll be really nice to engage the kids with her birthday ‘cake.’

So I baked 50 cupcakes and made cupcake icing in white and shades of pink. I also brought different pink sprinkles and gold/silver dragees!

It was a little messy, but the kids seemed so have enjoyed themselves piping the icing on.

Because it was a princess themed party, I made everything really girly with the pink cupcake liners besides the frosting and decoration.

Girls enjoyed the activity..

..and so did a few of the boys!

Not forgetting the adults!

I frosted 5 cupcakes and topped it off with fondant letters that I made at home which spelt the birthday girl’s name – Kylie. And I also brought along a candle in the shape of a princess tiara!

When they were done, I assembled them onto my makeshift cupcake stand. I used 3 cake board of different sizes and put cake rings in between.

Et voila! A tier of cupcakes that everyone put effort into. Very meaningful if you ask me 🙂

I hope you’ll remember your 7th birthday forever, Kylie! 🙂


4 thoughts on “DIY Cupcake Party!

  1. Excellent post! That’s really great DIY Cupcakes party and i hope everybody enjoying this. Cupcakes are always best gift for any occasion and all cakes looks delicious and yummy. Thanks for share.

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