Hello (Kitty) Cupcake!

This is by far one of my less elaborate cakes, but one of my favourite!

My friend gave my contact to his friend who wanted a cake for his wife. He was kinda vague about it – he mentioned a cupcake shaped cake that is hello kitty themed. Not that I’m complaining about the lack of details, because that’s what I like, where I can come up with my own ideas and be flexible with the design.

I was really excited to do this cake as the cake design immediately popped into my head. He mentioned he wanted hello kitty ON the cupcake shaped cake, but I decided to do cake my way. Cupcake liner, with hello kitty popping out of it!

So I started baking, making my buttercream, filling and stacking my cakes.. Then I wasn’t so excited anymore. Usually what’s time consuming is the fondant work, covering the cake in fondant and adding all the nitty gritty details to the cake. But for this, fondant work took a fraction of the time I took to CARVE hello kitty’s head out. Moreover this is her head upright and not flat down, which took me quite a while..

But it all paid off! Was so pleased with the outcome after finishing it off. Posted it on twitter/instagram and facebook. Pretty sure my friends who are hello kitty friends were really happy just looking at it too.

I also rolled in colourful ‘hundreds and thousands’ into the fondant on the cake board 🙂 Thought it gave the base a nice touch.

Bye hello kitty!


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