Carebear Cake

Made another 2 tiered 21st birthday cake! This time my friend Anthea, asked me to make a Carebear cake for her baby sister.

I was really excited to make this cake! One, because it was gonna be a really colorful cake, which I haven’t made in a while. And two, it’s Carebears! – a childhood favourtie of mine.

I was busy with work, but wanted to make this cake so badly. With very little time to make this cake, I asked Anthea to look for carebear figurines that I could just pop onto the cake.

It was kinda time consuming, considering I had to colour so many colours of fondant, bake the cake, make buttercream and also royal icing. It was all worthwhile, though!

I made 2 rainbows, cut out stars and made colourful confetti out of fondant. Piped seashell borders and clouds out of royal icing for the carebears to sit on!

And wrote her name on the stars for the front of the cake. Was really happy with the outcome, such happy colours! Anthea bought pretty candles to top the cake off.

I hope you had an awesome 21st birthday, Althea! You’re so lucky to have a sister like Anthea!

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