Polka Dotted Cake

A few weeks back, I helped a friend, Joanne, with her 21st birthday cake. She was a good friend of mine back in school when I was studying business.

She was pretty flexible with the design, all she asked for was a 2-tiered cake, purple/blue themed with a hint of gold. So here was what I came up with!

It was a 2-tiered chocolate cake, covered in shades of purple and blue polka dots, and black ribbons at the bottom of each tier.

Everyone calls her Jozzie, and so I put that on the cake! Thought it’ll look really cute with each letter on each polka dot. Coloured her name in gold!

Accompanied the cake with a couple of cupcakes, alternating purple and blue cupcakes, topped off with gold dragees.

This was the final product!

Hope you had a memorable 21st dear. And that this cake made it even more special. Stay as beautiful as you are, inside and out! I love you, jozziewozzie!

6 thoughts on “Polka Dotted Cake

  1. Awwww so sweet you. Thank you for making the celebration complete with your pretty made up cake πŸ™‚ Love you too felly!

  2. This looks awesome Felicia. I hope your friend had a lovely birthday. I hope the cake was chocolate underneath, I can’t get my mind around to imagine any other flavour πŸ™‚

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