My Sister’s Big Day

2 weeks ago, on 6th May 2012, marks my sister’s 26th birthday, and also the happiest day of her life.

This pretty doll isn’t a cake covered in fondant and cream 😛 It’s the bride!

After a whole morning of games and activities, the groom finally meets the pretty bride!

With my sisters and now brother-in-law.

The tea ceremony! Which got me a really nice red packet after 😛

The dinner took place at La villa, a really nice italian restaurant.

The wedding cake and mini dessert table I set up.

I made rice kris pie treats, meringue kisses..

..carrot cupcakes and macarons.

Here’s a peek at the preparation!

Helped my sister draw a large tree. She got the idea online, where guests place their thumbprints on along with little notes and signatures, instead of the usual guest book.

Had discussions with my sister on the wedding cake she wanted. And she just wanted a plain white tiered cake with roses. The theme was purple, so my desserts and wedding cake were purple based.

All started with a couple of styrofoam blocks. Which i eventually covered in fondant. The top 3 tiers are dummies.

Took me a while to practice and get used to making gum paste roses. Boy were they time consuming.

Testing them on one tier.

Added on leaves and ribbons and it was starting to look good.

At this point i haven’t completed the roses yet, but was curious to see how it would like with the bottom cake tier on, so I just gave myself a preview.

I prepared simple meringue kisses in shades of purple.

And macarons marbled in purple as well.

I actually made blueberry marshmallows, which unfortunately couldn’t survive till the dinner, they didn’t look as good.

On a happier note, everything else made it to the wedding

This is where they say.. I DO!!!!

Thanks to my best friend who came and played the keyboard during the solemnization,

and coming as my date muahaha.

Candles set up outside.

And a cute box made by her friends for the red packets!

My little cousin and I. We were both wearing fluffy dresses!

The tree started to grow some leaves hahaha.

The wedding photoshoot album!

We also had a photo booth there which we had lots of fun with.

Cake cutting 🙂

Shades of purple vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream and raspberries.

Glad to be involved on this big day of yours, sister! Will definitely miss having you around in the house, screaming at you for stealing my clothes and bugging you to drive me out because i’m lazy. x


8 thoughts on “My Sister’s Big Day

  1. hey
    how do you keep the cake nice and spongy despite adding in colouring?
    i tried adding in colouring but it turned out hard and chewy 😦

    • hi vanessa. the coloring shouldn’t change the texture of your cake.. maybe its the coloring itself. i used the concentrated gel coloring by wilton. give that a try!

  2. Oh my god. Everything about this post is so wow that I don’t have words. Your sister looks beautiful, you look beautiful and the cakes and desserts are out of this world. I subscribed to your blog a couple of months back and was wondering if there was some problem with subscription as there were no new posts in the last few weeks, now I know. Many congratulations to the happy couple and may all their dreams come true.


    • hey poorima! thanks on behalf of my sister and thank you so much for the compliments! i apologize for not updating regularly as i have been busy. i’ll try to be more active!

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