Back to December

Happy new year and a happy chinese new year to everyone! Hope 2011 was awesome for all of you guys like it was for me 🙂

Especially when it ended off with the company of a friend who came to visit.

If you recognize her from the picture.. Yes, Sharon came to visit in December!

Met her and her friends for dinner at Monjul

They serve really interesting food. Think modern, food science kinda food – a touch of Heston Blumenthal! I don’t remember what exactly we had, but it was exciting, different and inexpensive. It’s about 35 euros per person for a set meal.

For starters..

In the cup I remember it was a foie gras paste, with a corn biscuit spoon! Popcorn.. some beansprouts.

There was soup.. What exactly, I forgot, but it was foamy on top, we didn’t expect soup to look like that!

The pretty Sharon 🙂

It has a nice ambience, small and cosy! What was nice is that the servers spoke english, and they would explain to you every single thing that is on the plate!

A hazelnut cake with praline

A meringue sphere!

With lime sorbet and rosemary I think. I didn’t finish it because I thought the rosemary was way too strong.

The whole group of us!

Sharon, Amilus and I.

After dinner photo!

Love this picture so much.

Sharon is so cute. She saw fluffy shoes and bought them for me! She said she hopes it keeps me warm when I’m away from home. Awww.

Overall I really liked the restaurant, would definitely go back there again. Especially because they don’t have a fixed menu. Would love to try their other stuff. Thanks for dinner, Sharon!

We met for lunch, coffee and dessert the next day, before heading to the Pompidou for an exhibit.

Arhur joined us a while later.

This was in a cafe opposite the Pompidou. Am very impressed with the dessert! Wouldn’t think that a cafe near somewhere kinda touristy would be any good.

The Pompidou seems to always have such a long queue. But it was really fast moving.

Arthur is the most beautiful boy on earth I swear. Am so jealous…

Am not exactly a museum person. Not that I mind, just that I’d rather be eating and baking you know 😛 Hahaha.

Sharon wanted very much to see the Edvard Munch exhibit, so I kept her company. Strangely enough I really enjoyed myself. It was interesting to see the pieces of art and read about his life. It was nice because Sharon did tell me a lot more about him during the visit too.

Since it was still kinda early, we went to see the exhibit next door, about dance.

And later headed to meet friends for dinner! We had awesome udon at my favourite udon place in Paris! We easily queued for an hour or more.. But it was worth it! I was starvingggg.

And look what my dear friend brought from Singapore to me? Ba Kwa!!! Thought I’d spend Chinese new year in Paris without it!

How cute is that? It’s in the shape of a pig! Tres mignon 🙂

Finally at the front of the queue!

My dinner companions.

Ordered my favourite Katsudon.

And as I was starving.. I finished my dinner way faster than the rest hahaha.

Ended the night with drinks at the cutest cafe.

Ma belle!

And on another night, we went over to a friend’s for dinner. Nothing like an awesome homecooked dinner!

Oysters! Mmmm.

Veg and Scallops! Super satisfying dinner. And awesome hospitality.

With lots of brilliant wine btw.

And I brought over an apple tart for them. Am very glad they liked it! The tart was gone by the end of the night 🙂 Caught the last train home right after.

Was so happy I got to spend so much time with Sharon when she was in Paris. We got to learn so much about each other and got so much closer. We’re missing each other so much already. Can’t wait to see her again once I’m back in Singapore! Thanks for the company Sharon, I really enjoyed myself when you were here! Bises!

Speaking of which.. I’ll be back in a month’s time. Just ordered some boxes to pack and send back home. Mixed feelings really. Am excited to go back home, but at the same time really sad to leave Paris 😦 But I’ve a strong feeling I’ll be back!

See you soon, Singapore!


2 thoughts on “Back to December

  1. Hello babe! Are you back in SG already?
    My friend is having her bday party at 12th March and was looking for someone to bake her a customized cake. Was wondering if you are back already or not cuz she seems interested in ordering from you! =)

    You can reply me by emailing!
    Thanks alot in advance~~


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