Crans-Montana/Lausanne 2011

How was your Christmas everybody? I had a really white Christmas 🙂

I crashed my family’s holiday in Crans-Montana!

I was really excited to hear that they were heading to Switzerland for a ski trip. Since it’s only a 5 hour train ride from Paris and because I’ve never skied before, and also it has been a good 6 months since I’ve seen them!

It was really nice to see some of my cousins, aunts and uncles again.

My youngest cousin! Super cute.

There was a snowstorm when I arrived! Cars got stuck.. Traffic was just a pain. But we went to ski the next day anyway!

I was the only one who had no idea to ski..

My cousin all geared up!

Looking like a pro 😛

They went ahead to ski in a group while I needed private lessons. Don’t talk about skiing, I had difficulty just walking in snowboots.

She’s so photogenic!

We had snowball fights, of course 😛

Here’s Alin, my ski instructor, and me! He was really patient and helpful, especially when I kept falling. Hahaha. Surprisingly there was no avalanche created by me. Hohoho.

My cousins’ snowman got covered after the snowstorm and we revived it!

Made our own snowslide too.

Up the gondola! And lunch up in the mountains. Amazing view!

Eating more than 2000m above sea level!

We had hot chocolate every single day. The kids love it!

There was a waiter with his awesome mustache. My cousins couldnt stop laughing and wanted a picture with him! He’s really proud of it and shared about how he combs and conditions it. Hilarious.

After 6 days, we drove down to Lausanne!

Cupcakes in town 🙂

Pretty but super expensive. A mini cupcake is 3.50 CHF!

Beautiful views. Like this! Sunrays coming through the clouds 🙂

Group pic with 2 of my cousins!

I’ve a distant cousin who stays in Lausanne, Romina – thus the visit. She’s amazingly talented! I really hope she gets into fashion school. Should’ve taken more pictures of her sketches, designs and such!

Her talent shouldn’t go to waste.

Romina has a flair in the kitchen too. She made sushi! Which I was really happy about because the last time I had sashimi was months ago.

Love the kitchen island!

And the decor 🙂

This is one of the reasons I love Switzerland. The scenery! of the mountains and the waters.

Went to the forest for a morning walk.

This is Romina and my cousin Ray Yi. They’re gorgrous aren’t they!?

By the lake.

You guys should really take a look at Romina’s fashion blog!

Click on the above to link to her blog! Was asking her to upload her sketches as well. Made my jawdrop!

Hope you guys had an awesome Christmas like I did!

Joyeuses fetes!

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