When Two Bloggers Came to Visit

Guess who were in Paris recently?

First came Brad..

From ladyironchef.com

It was a good day. Brought him to a few of my favourite places. Angelina for hot chocolate and mont blanc, then to Pho 14 for lunch and icecream at Berthillon.

Believe it or not it was our first time meeting! We hit off really well. Think it’s because we have a common interest: FOOD 😛

Instagram: Notre Dame

Instagram: By the Notre Dame

Instagram: Gloomy Skies

Brought him around for a bit and ended off the day with a cup of coffee.

And then came Ju 🙂

From thelittleteochew.com

The last time I saw her was a good 2 years ago I think? It was nice seeing you again!

Had a good lunch with my two foodies.

And of course, what would stop us from guessing some sweets from PH and Sadaharu Aoki?

PH Macarons

Sadaharu Aoki Macarons

PH Plaisir

We also got PH’s mille feuille and the legendary Ispahan.

Enjoyed it so so much. What harmony of flavours!

Went for crepes one day too.

Both savoury..

and sweet crepes! Nutella is my favouriteeeee.

Although I met you guys for a short 2 days, I hope you guys enjoyed your stay in Paris! And of course, letting me (a tourist too) take you guys around hahaha.

See you two back home next year! x


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