Salut a tous!

No I didn’t disappear from the face of this earth.. Have just been really really lazy 😛 Here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to in August!

I had a whole month’s break in August.

I paid the Clignancourt flea market a visit. Quite a sight! Never seen one so big. Didn’t buy anything though. Just thought it’ll be nice to check out.

And of course, the Paris Plages. They don’t have beaches here, so for the summer, they turn the highway along the quai into the beach. Though it’s a man-made one, I must say it really is beautiful. But you’ve to get used to seeing people walking by with shopping bags and driving along the roads 😛 It’s only there for like a month I think?

Then I spent 3 days out of Paris! I went to Loire Valley 🙂 Rented a car with 2 of my friends and drove down. It’s known for their castles! Paid a visit to 3 of them.

First stop was Amboise! It’s where Leonardo Da Vinci died.


Then spent almost 2 hours cycling to Chanonceau! 15km there and 15km back. Surprised I made it back alive really 😛 Passed by beautiful vineyards, farms and saw many sunflowers! They were not in season though, most of them were looking down.

Saw the castle there! Cycled back to Amboise, had some cheese and wine tasting!


On the 3rd and last day, before heading back to Paris, we dropped by Chambord to see another castle! Loved this castle best out of the 3. It was massive! End of adventure 😛


Spent some of my days in August cooking, baking and eating. Promise to do up a recipe post soon!

The last week of August was spent in Luzern! It’s a 4 hour train ride from Paris. I went to meet up with a senior of mine back in secondary school. The last time we saw each other was probably 7 years ago, and now we meet again, in Luzern!


I really enjoyed the scenery there. Huge difference from the city life here in Paris. In Luzern it was so nice to see the mountains and waters for a change!


Rented a boat with Martin and 3 other friends. Got to know a few of his friends including Charity who got married recently. Congratulations dear.


Went to the park.. walked around, people watched. Mmmm. So many good looking people omg no kidding. So glad Martin put me up during the trip, he was such great company and I saved so much money hahaha!

Martin was doing culinary arts and management! And so.. What do you think happens when you put 2 people who love food under the same roof?


A LOT OF FOOD. Hahaha! Don’t remember the last time I ate so much. He’d make such a good housemate 😉


I also met up with Analiza. She lives in the mountains with a gorgeous view! Thanks for having me.


A lazy morning, with our need for coffee and cake. Mmm.


And of course, there’s Aor. A lovely friend of Martin’s! She’s a real sweetheart. Enjoyed her company so so much! She brought us to the club one night. Drinks and dance during the Drum and Bass party was cool.


Thanks a million hugs and kisses Martin, I had so much fun 🙂 See you and Aor in Paris real soon!

Et voila. That’s all for August. Hopefully my next post won’t be a month or more later hahaha! More soon.




2 thoughts on “Août!

  1. Hi Fel,

    Love reading your blog! All the food!

    I’m going to Paris sometime soon and was wondering if you could recommend some places for food, shopping etc.. Or some hidden gems that you know of.

    Let me know! Can’t wait for your reply!
    Thanks a lot!

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