Juillet à Paris

Voila! Finally another blogpost 😉 It has been again, awesome and eventful the past two weeks.

I watched Harry Potter in the cinemas! It’s different from what we have in Singapore. Their theatres are MASSIVE! And what was interesting was that there are no allocated seats, so many arrive really early to get good seats. My friends and I were pretty much at the back of the looooong queue.

If you thought paying SGD10 for a movie ticket was expensive.. I paid 12.50. Did I mention.. in euros? 😛 They had many machines for you to purchase your tickets, so you don’t have to worry about long lines and buying tickets. We only arrived 10 mins before the movie started and it took us 3 mins to get tickets.

A friend was on a eurotrip after her graduation and was in Paris for 3 days. Met up and did touristy things – like visiting (only the outside of) the Notre Dame and the Moulin Rouge. It was good fun because we had so much to talk about. The last time I met her was over a year ago before she left to study in the UK! And the next time we met was in Paris 🙂

Pigged out on escargots, steak tartares, onion soups, salads.

Saw many cute dogs over the days too! 🙂

Had my last couple of lessons of my Basic course.. And then.. EXAMS. Yes. I had my practical exam which I was freaking out on. Also had a written exam one week before the practical. Both of which went rather well I must say 🙂

It’s amazing to hang out with classmates! I meet people of all over the world at Le Cordon Bleu – all who love their food! We always find every reason to celebrate. And so, after our practical exam, we head out to a nearby cafe for some food and drinks. It was a good afternoon!

Later in the evening we had a smaller gathering at a friend’s place! It was a lovely potluck. Something different from school because it was obviously less intense 😛 and we made savoury food, finally! Had the most amazing bread, chicken and rabbit. First time I had rabbit by the way and I absolutely loved it. I made garlic and white wine mussels.

We had a day’s break after our practical exam, before our graduation the next day. A few of us went to check out Gontran Cherrier.

And finally.. One step closer 😉

I’ve received my basic certificate in pastry 😀 Super happy!

Went to check out Hugo & Victor the next day! Love how they present their pastries and chocolates – as if they were diamonds and jewelry!

I was being such a tourist.. I went to check out Le Tour de France 2011! Though I have no interest in this sport or whatsoever, just thought it’ll be interesting to see a massive number of cyclists and enthusiasts. The crowd was crazy!!

I even went on a picnic with my friends by the Eiffel tower. It was beautiful!

And other than being such a tourist..

I’m really asian too. Needed some asian food 😛 Dropped by chinatown for some vietnamese food for lunch, asian grocery shopping and chinese food for dinner! Totally felt at home, especially because I went with a Singaporean friend 😉

To top it off, I received more asian goodies in a parcel from my dear sister. She had intentions I tell you. Read what she wrote on the box! I threw the box away, by the way 😀 Hahahaha.

Anyway, that’s it! I’ve a long break now before intermediate starts – can’t wait! I’m just getting used to the longs days here during summer – where the sun starts setting at 930pm and gets dark at about 1030pm. Love long days!

August will be a quiet month. Not as many festivals and events going on as the rest of the year! Trying to keep myself busy. I seem to be doing washing and cleaning every other day. Doing my laundry, changing sheets, cleaning the floor, washing the dishes haha! Never ending chores to do 😛 Although it’s just a 17m2 place, can you imagine! Heh. Till next time guys.

Bisous from Paris!
Fel 🙂


14 thoughts on “Juillet à Paris

  1. CONGRATS my dear! Well done. Lovely to see all your photos and the fun things you’ve been doing. Your sister is really funny, tho! Take care. xoxo

  2. Well done! Getting a chance to live and learn in Paris is indeed something many would desire I guess…all the best!

    • ahahaha! i heard from my friends too. but i didnt get to hear the shoutout.
      morning express is my favourite radio show! 🙂
      thanks dear. sorry for not updating haha!

  3. Hey Felicia!! I’m tryin to bake a birthday cake for my boyfriend and I’m looking for a buttercream recipe that is good for frosting the layers and sides. Do you have one that you could share? Thanks so much!!!! 🙂

  4. Hello, i’ve been following you quite a while on twitter, knowing you are living in paris but i didn’t know you are learning pastry in Cordon Bleu, cooool !

    Hmmm… Yah ive read few of your articles already, before I continue reading, I would love to tell you, if you don’t wanna spend 12.5 euro to watch movie, you can go to Bercy, not only the cinema, the whole place is lovely and wonderful, you just need to take metro line 14: Cour St Emillon, it is called BERCY VILLAGE, you will love there, and for you, student, movie ticket is 4,60 euro ! Can you believe? =)
    I always went there with my friends, before the film starting i used to do some shopping there, there are some boutiques and, many bars and restaurants. =)

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