Actually MAG

Have you guys heard of ActuallyMAG?

Or perhaps you’ve seen their physical stores around – Actually and ActuallyActually located at Seah St and Purvis St respectively.

They have launched their very own online magazine in January this year and was honoured to be interviewed and featured this week 🙂 They cover so many different stories – from the arts, food, people, recent events and issues. You name it! I’m sure everyone can find something they like on ActuallyMAG.

Thanks to Ashley for having me and inviting me for the interview. And thanks to Yishu who wrote this story 🙂

Read my full story here! 🙂

Have a good week everyone!


8 thoughts on “Actually MAG

  1. U’re great for your age. I still have a long way to go. All the best to u ! Its a baker’s dream to study in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Hehe. Enjoy!

  2. Hi chanced upon your website and loved it !! Please keep up your works w cakes and am sure u are moving towards ur dream! Keep blogging even when u are in Paris! When r u going Paris ?

  3. Oh my, you’re off to Paris very soon! Definitely keep blogging and let us know how everything goes there. I’m planning to go there myself next July (for the same program) so maybe you can give me some advice/suggestions later on? =) Good luck!

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