Christian Louboutin Cake for Joanne Peh

How’s everybody doing? Excited about the General Elections? 😛 I don’t get to vote by the way. I’m 21 only this October haha!

So you probably have seen the tweets or facebook posts here and here about two weeks ago. And yes, it’s me again.

Okay, so I already got my 15 mins of fame when I got to bake for Celebrity Joanne Peh. But then I got lucky again. Bobby Tonelli got me to bake a cake for her birthday this year. And it was perfect timing because her birthday was just one day after the Star Awards and Bobby planned to give it to her after the show. Did you guys catch it?

So Bobby dropped me an email. Was told she loves these pair of Louboutins – The Christian Louboutin Lucifer Bow Stilettos.

Image Credits to

Here’s a photo of the actual pair! It’s sold out world wide. So the next best thing.. is cake 🙂

Okay pardon me. It’s my very first heels cake! It was a HUGE challenge. I used the guide from this site! Probably not the best you’ve seen.. But not bad for a first try, right? Show me some mercy please! :S I’ll definitely try this again!

This cake took me 2 days to do.

The heels!

Wrote ‘Happy Birthday Joanne’ in a similar font to the brand. And i lined the cake board with silver dragees.

The studs were real fun to do!

And no, I didn’t forget the red soles 😉

Topped it off with a red ribbon to add some colour to the whole thing.

So that’s all folks! 🙂

I’ll update again if they happen to upload any photos!

Thanks to Bobby for remembering me, Happy Belated Birthday Joanne, and congratulations on the awards!

12 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin Cake for Joanne Peh

  1. Hey, you are fast becoming the up and coming Cake Boss in SG… depsite being a baby who can’t vote! You make me so jealous :-))))

    • thanks! haven’t seen you around for a while.
      hope you’re doing well!
      thanks for the compliments, as usual :)(

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