No 2. Race Car Cake

A nice and simple cake, right? Wrong. This is possibly one of the trickiest cake I made believe it or not. I underestimated this innocent looking cake.

Hahaha. Why? The shape of the cake. Carving the number out wasn’t the problem – it was wrapping the cake. The narrow curves 😦 Would’ve been so much easier if it’s for a first or seventh birthday 😛

I couldn’t wrap the cake nicely on my first two attempts. The fondant would tear and crack at the curves, especially the insides of the ‘2’. It didn’t help that the cake was about 3 inches high. But with the help of my colleagues, we made it!

The wrapping of the cake was so tough, making the details of the cake seemed so easy 😛

Today and tomorrow off work. Need a breather from the many cake orders! Need to use these days to recharge especially cos I have a couple of hundreds of cupcakes to do, a 3D cake and a few wedding cakes to do all for 2 particular days. Booooo! Haha! Thanks for reading guys.


14 thoughts on “No 2. Race Car Cake

  1. Hi Felicia,

    Was wondering where do you work at? Coz I would want to place a cake order and I would want it done by you.


  2. Hi Felicia, good thing it hasn’t been too difficult to google you out. Just typed ‘David Gan Hermes’. *phew*

    Well, I’m really looking for a pair of good hands like yours to sculpture an orange lamborghini reventon for my husband’s 30th birthday. Can’t find your direct contact thus this comment on your blogpost. Hope you don’t mind.

    His birthday is on 31 March. I hope we have enough time for this.

    Thanks, and hear from you soon.

    9129 2551

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