Erdinger Cake

I was on leave on sunday and it was also my buddy’s birthday! What better gift than for me to bake him a cake right? 🙂

I had really limited ingredients at home and i only decided to bake at about noon? So i had to make do with what i had, it was too late/warm to walk out to the supermarket!

My good guy friend turns 22. He’s a beer person, so I decided to bake him a beer bottle haha.

I cut out fondant rounds and painted in the details.

And a bottle cap too!

Carved and layered and ganached the cake!

Painted in the label.. At this point, i asked my boyfriend “Should i replace the name of the beer with his name instead?”

And my boyfriend said “Actually you only need to change 2 letters.” Oh my gosh, genius! I didn’t even realize/notice it.

You see, my buddy’s name is Enqing. I only needed to change 2 letters to make it his very own beer! Hahahaha!

So Erdinger to Enqinger!

Added the top label. I made it too long. It actually said ‘7th November 2010’ and ‘From Fel <3’

So i trimmed it off. Looked better anyway.

Stuck the cap on and voila! Off to dinner.

Here’s the cake being lit up!

Besides the name of the beer, the only other thing i changed were the words below that said ‘Happy 22nd Birthday Buddy’

Boy was he happy 🙂

Here’s to many more years to friendship, buddy! Love you!


10 thoughts on “Erdinger Cake

  1. That is such a sweet gesture, Fel. But then, you’re always so sweet. 🙂 Your birthday cakes have all become “blockbuster” productions! LOL.

    • thanks ju, you’re always so generous with your compliments 🙂
      am waiting for the day i’ll be able to bake you the domestic goddess a cake too! xx

  2. Hi there…

    Must say I’m pretty impressed in your creations and have been following up once in a while. Was wondering if you are able to furnish me with your email address or whatsoever so perhaps I can order some from you from time to time?

    Thanks Heaps…



  3. Hello there!!! May I know your rates for your cakes? haha i know you don’t bake for a living but still the cakes are rly awesome!!!! let me know 🙂

  4. Hi babe!

    I’ve been following your blog since idk whennn and your creations and talent never fails to amuse me each time!

    I’m also interested in knowing your rates though you dont sell them ): (you should if you cannnn coz it’ll be super popular!)

    Hope to hear from you sooooon fel! (:

    with love,

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