Arai Helmet Cake

I hope you didn’t think that this is the cake i made!

I’m not that good you know. Hahahaha.

I made the cake based on the two (above and below) pictures that I have.

See, it was my dad’s 50th birthday and I wanted to make him a cake. My dad loves go-karting and this is his helmet! Cool dad huh 😛

I was concentrating so hard I didn’t take pictures of how the cake looks like before this! But yes, i was painting halfway!

This was before i put the visor on. I really wanted to paint on the reflection on the visor but was too chicken to do so – just in case i ruined it at the final part, i’d totally just kill myself with the paintbrush.

Finished making the cake at 1am and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I’ve never carved so much cake before! Haha don’t mind the ugly handwriting please – wrote it too small!

When I got home, I realised i missed out the air vents of the helmet! Hahahaha oops, but at least it still looks like a helmet.

I had no photo of the back of the helmet, so I painted in whatever I imagined it to look like HAHA.

Side view!

It was a lemon buttercake! I love it when I cut cakes like these because I get to see the pretty layers!

Happy 50th Birthday Daddy! Half a century old and still so handsome 😛 I love you!


24 thoughts on “Arai Helmet Cake

  1. Hi Felicia,

    Your creations never fail to WOW me.
    I love to bake too but guess I am not that experimental…so am justing sticking to the basic pound and banana cakes. *whisper: i can’t even bake a pandan cake*

    • awww thanks dear!
      i love basic pound and banana cakes 😛
      hey, pandan/chiffon cakes aren’t easy to bake you know!
      keep that passion for baking burning!

  2. U r so creative babe!
    My hubby used to go-kart as well,maybe they know each other 🙂
    I’d show u his helmet but cant insert pics here!

  3. Hey Felicia,

    Great work you’ve produced once again! I’m officially hooked to your blog, everything (esp the bags!!!) simply amazes me (:
    Oh, what recipe do you use for your fondant? I’ve tried making marshmallow fondant, but it doesn’t look as pretty as what 3-D cakes are supposed to :S

  4. Heya!

    Absolutely love reading your blog and looking at all your creations each time! Im coming back to Sg in 2 weeks time but unfortunately my family didnt freeze the Brazil chocolate cake for me (they polished off everything!!) think I’ll ever have a chance to try your yummy cakes? =P


    • HELLO! hahaha thanks!
      omg i’m glad they didnt freeze it,
      you’d have such a bad experience if they gave you THAT.
      haha, maybe 🙂

  5. yea so cool rite! here i am looking at ur beautiful creations, nothing to do with go-karts and bam! they happen to know each other! the world is too small… haha… his name is Malcolm Tay. see if ur dad remembers him 🙂

  6. this is Sandy from Whakatane nz I made a helmet cake for a friends sons 13th birthday ‘they say if one person thinks of something another person is thinking the same Well we have proven that statement My grandson is turning 12 years and is a nz title kart driver and is smitten with arai helmets and insists that I tell yo what a wonderful job you made of your dads cake Now I will see if I can live up to your fab attempt

    • hi sandy! thats really cute and nice of him!
      let him know i’m jealous that he can kart, i think it’s so cool, especially at 12!
      don’t even know what i was doing at that age.
      thanks sandy, i’m sure you’d do a fine job 😉 all the best!

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