Chelsea FC Babe Cake

WARNING! Adult content. The material in this blogpost is intended for mature adults who love cake.

If you are 18 years old and above and love cake, you may proceed.
Okay only kidding. Continue if you simply love cake!

One of my good friends, Jonathan, celebrated his 21st birthday over the weekend. I promised him a cake as a gift, with the condition that i get to choose the design and keep it a secret.

The first thing that popped into my mind was that i really wanted to make a cake with boobs. Hahaha, everyone was telling me oh, back to your very first 3D fondant cake! Well, almost. This time i wanted to make a body. I had a rough idea already but thought the cake didn’t say Jonathan. I needed to incorporate 2 ideas together.

So i went online and asked a mutual friend for ideas. He agreed with me that boobs was essential (sigh, guys..) haha! He suggested his favourite soccer team – which was perfect! I could see the perfect cake for J. I confirmed with J his favourite FC – Chelsea! Naturally he guessed that i’d be making him a Chelsea FC ball/jersey/crest. But boy was he wrong and in for a treat! 😉

The leftover pieces of chocolate cake after carving!

Assembled! Hahahaha. The boobs wasn’t as big as i hoped it to be. Oops. But because his family members will be there, i wanted the size to be erm.. Family-friendly. I had to be a little more discreet right! I was thinking to myself uh oh, his mom is gonna kill me! Hahahaha.

Crumb coated the cake and coloured some fondant!

Covered in fondant and trimmed the sides. Then tried to smooth everything around! It was kinda bumpy at this stage.

Off to do the “jersey”

Added some details..

Cut and hand painted the details in the logo..

The finished crest! This took me a good hour.

The skin looked really pale so i used my airbrush (my new toy hehehe) and added some brown to it to give that babe a slight tan! Put on her clothes..

And a sexy G-string 😀

I thought real hard of where i’d write the words – there was barely any space! Needed to be strategic. So i thought why not a tattoo?

Painted on fondant and cut it out.

And it’s complete 🙂

I know you’re drooling – for the wrong reasons hahaha.

I should consider being a tattoo artist as a career, no? 😛

Happy 21st Birthday, pretty boy.

I’m really glad to have you in my life dear Jonny. Am really glad you like the cake!

With lots of love,

Short update about my birthday soon. (Yes my birthday is today and ends in a minute hahahaha) Thanks for reading everyone. I have a job interview tomorrow! Wish me luck!

21 thoughts on “Chelsea FC Babe Cake

  1. Hi Felicia,

    I remember you have baked a Red Velvet cake before. Just wondering how much it will cost to make a halloween-themed cake for about 30 person? The cake will be used on 29 Oct at noon. Let me know soon?

    Thank you!((:


  2. Hey Felicia,

    Great cake you’ve done there, well done! (:
    Would just like to us, what sort of cake mould/baking tray did you use to make the erm…boobs? Because it’s not easy to find spherical/hemi-spherical baking moulds…

  3. Hi Fel,

    You are really good at these 3D cakes, marvelous ! You created 2 extreme emotion for birthday person,
    1) Totally amaze by the beauty of the cake
    2) Endure the pain of eating the art creation

    By the way, I got a friend’s birthday in about 1 mths time, would you be able to bake 3D Diablo 3 related theme cake for him. ^_*

    • hmm, i usually just follow it really closely with a printed image, don’t exactly have a good strategy to doing it, yet! all the best. x

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