ELLE Magazine Feature

I’m on the October issue of ELLE magazine!

One of the 10 new names to know, is me! Hahahaha!

I know it doesn’t look like me! It’s the funky hair 😛

The photoshoot was something new to me. It was interesting to see how everyone worked and scrambled around. Didn’t get to interact with the others in the photoshoot because everyone was so busy! We all had timeslots and we were all doing out makeup, hair, interviews and photoshoots concurrently.

I really enjoyed myself! 🙂

Thanks to Stacey for contacting me for this and Wesley for the amazing photos! Sorry my memory is failing me and i forgot the names of the gentleman who did my makeup (WHICH WAS FABULOUS BTW) and the lady who gave me funky hair! They were so much fun.

Don’t know if you guys will ever see this, but a big thank you to you guys!

Grab your copy today and check out the other amazing people!

Sorry for the bad shots of the mag btw, didn’t get to scan it yet!


10 thoughts on “ELLE Magazine Feature

  1. Wow, Elle magazine!! Congrats again! You’re great and I’m sure you know it!

    BTW, baking lately? let’s see more work!! No pressure…lol~~

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