A Week in London & Paris

As some of you would know, i spent a week in London and Paris πŸ™‚

Took many photos! But posting everything up will just be crazy and i’d probably bore you guys to death. Haha. So i picked out a couple of photos to share!

There were many cafes of all sorts to check out.

Look at the cupcakes painted on the window! Really pretty.


Okay i don’t think i was supposed to take pictures? Haha but here’s to my dear readers.

Lots of chocolate..

Lots of cupcakes..

3D cakes..

Creme Brulee and whatnots..

More desserts..

Puffs and pastries.. It was food heaven! And daylight robbery of course. Haha, never felt so poor in my life.

Mornings were cold and i’d never do without a hot latte. I had lattes every single day πŸ˜›

A really good almond croissant!

And a nice hot latte πŸ™‚

Visited Le Cordon Bleu, London!

Check out the knife/spatula set, i want!

I’ll get you one day πŸ™‚

At Debenhams.. So pretty! I love anything cupcake. Heheheh.

Saw this contemporary art shop cum cafe.. It’s a real dog in the display, too cute! Animals could go in to chillax too. Heh.

Ooooooh Baker Street! LOL.

Took a train down to Paris!

Eiffel Tower breads!

Visited the tower too.

Took the boat ride around haha.

Lovers in Paris!

HUGE cupcake at the Printemps display window.

Waiting for the Metro!

Again.. Latte in the morning heh.

And now to Le Cordon Bleu, Paris! Got a school tour too. Got to see a clearer picture now.

Had a whole list of patisseries to visit but i only spent 2 nights in Paris and we had so many things to do and find out.. So these are a few places i visited!

Sadahari AOKI of course!


Sigh i want some nowwwww.

And tried their strawberry sponge cake thing. It’s new on their menu!

Had dinner at Leon de Bruxelles

Nice cold beer

With awesome mussels!

Dropped by Laduree, the queue at this particular one is crazy!

Pretty box!

For 6 macarons πŸ™‚ Had it all to myself hahahaha.

And on the last day i had the most amazing breakfast, at Angelina. Their well known for their hot chocolate!

And their hot chocolate is really to die for.


I hope you’re not falling asleep reading this post :/ This is only a fraction of my photos okay! Haha but yeah that’s about it πŸ™‚ Am really busy now doing lots of research about London and Paris.

Bought a couple of books from London/Europe. Shall try out the recipes there and share it with you guys when i’m free!

Till then.. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “A Week in London & Paris

  1. wow! looked like you had a cupcake of time!! hehe I love all the cupcake things at Debenhams!!! I so wanna go there now. hehe (: and love all the crossiants and macarons! (:

  2. OMG where do I even begin??? Your trip looks like exactly what I would do on my trip to Paris/London… food, food, pastries, pretty cookware, more pastries…. ooh…. lovely colours of macarons, and I really like that box! Yes please, post more!

    • hehe everyone who loves food will do what we do! πŸ˜‰
      i love the box too! so many more boxes, i want them all! heheh.

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  4. Looks like you have too much fun, my dear!

    I have moved to London for couple of months but yet to check out their patisserie! Any good one to recommend?

    • ah i havent really tried much in london dear :/
      cant give you anything in specific!
      unless it’s paris – i’ll be able to give you a whole list!
      woah, moved to london huh! paris will be so nearby!

  5. Awesome photos! The cupcakes, the KNIFE SET, but my favourite one for some reason was “Lovers in Paris”, very nice! Glad you had a great time!

  6. hey! how did you travel from london to paris? (or paris to london if its the other way round) and how much?
    thank you babe cause im thinking of going to london & paris too!!

  7. You had me at the almond croissant! Do you still remember where you had it? I’m planning for a trip to london + paris this oct and will love to try the best croissants and scones!!

    • thanks for the recommendations πŸ™‚
      i’ll check it out when i’m over there!
      not all that picky.. so yeah hehe cant wait!

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