Macallan Whisky Bottle Cake Feat. Yaz

Don’t judge me from just this picture of my cake.

Here’s an example of how an ugly duckling can become.. Well not a swan but a better looking duck hahahaha.

This was just yesterday!

Details make a whole lot of difference i guess.

I spent a good 2 hours painting the label, checking the picture I found online every 5 to 10 secs, making sure i got the font and proportion right. It was so tiring. Okay not the most accurate, but okay, i’m no printer! Hahaha.

A couple of details.. And that’s more like it!

It was a challenging cake. Especially when i made it with carrot cake. For a 3D fondant cake, it’s tricky! Because of the walnuts.. And how fondant takes shape of anything it’s on, it was really stressful. Made the cake denser because i was afraid it couldn’t take the weight! I also used the help of bamboo skewers to hold it together.

The really chirpy Yaz! Really glad to meet her in person. I listen to her radio show all the time! Am a hugeeeeee fan of Class 95. I really hope to be able to bake for the Morning Express some day!

You’re most welcome babe, it’s my pleasure!

She gave me a japanese peach too. It was sooooo good.

Got feedback that the carrot cake was a little too dense, ah well, i’ll do better next time! I’ll update this post when Yaz sends me more pictures! Next post up real soon, had a bake date today with V 🙂

Catch Yaz on Love Songs, Class 95 fm
Weekdays, 9pm to 1am!


19 thoughts on “Macallan Whisky Bottle Cake Feat. Yaz

  1. I’ve been following you since you got featured on Joanne Peh’s blog and you certainly know how to delight people with your cakes! I would be so lucky to ever cross paths with you some day… 😉 You go girl!

  2. Hi Felicia… I’m so impressed with this cake!!!!
    I’m wondering if you are able to make another Macallan cake for my husband’s birthday?
    Hope to hear from you!! Thanks…

  3. Dear Felicia,
    How long does it take to make this cake? My best friend’s 50th birthday is on Monday 9th May & he adores Macallan. I was wondering if you would be willing to make another cake like this? Please.. Please…

    • in singapore’s weather.. with the humidity 😛
      you don’t have to do anything! hahaha!
      but there are food lacquer sprays though 🙂
      thanks for the compliments dear!

  4. Hi Thanks for your reply. Wanted to ask you another thing if you don t mind. Did you paint the label.Does the color bleed? Cause When I paint on sugarpaste and take the cake out of the fridge cause of condensation the color bleeds, Do you use something to fix it?
    thanks for you kindness in answering me

    • unfortunately it does bleed. it’ll be better if you store your cake in a wine chiller instead of the fridge.
      it’s drier in the wine chiller. singapore weather stinks for fondant cakes. hahaha.

  5. thanks a lot for your reply. Even here its very humid. I made the cake i used royal icing to pipe the writing on the cake hopefully this will not bleed. Thanks 🙂

  6. This cake is AMAZING!
    if you are ever making this cake again, if possible can you send me photos as your making it so I know the steps and ingredients
    Thanks very much
    Your cake is amazing!

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