iWeekly Feature! (i周刊)

I’m featured in September’s issue of iWeekly! *hops around*

I didn’t know it’ll be out so early! Haha! Only when a friend told me on Facebook that she saw someone reading it on a bus and she took a peek! By the time i found out, it was already 1030pm last night. Whoops.

Then i actually drove out to the nearest 7-Eleven to buy a copy (okay fine several copies) because i was so excited to see how it turned out! Especially when the interview was done in english and later translated into chinese.

Then i checked my email and saw several emails congratulating me! Thanks to all of you out there 🙂

Thanks to MeiWen from iWeekly for approaching me for this interview!

And i apologize for not updating. Been really busy with everything! Give me time to reply the emails and comments okay! Expect another blogpost in the next couple of days 😉 Thanks for all the support guys.


28 thoughts on “iWeekly Feature! (i周刊)

  1. hiii

    recently i saw ur wordpress.com thur Iweekly this wk.. n i would like to knw that e pricing of those cakes iF i order frm u cost hww much n it will tk how long to b done..
    n isit those design i choosen by u or we(( cust))

    do u have any muffinsareuglycupcakes fb acc???
    can i hv it if uu hv..


  2. Zomg! Now I can point to someone in a magazine (or on tv in the future? =p) and say “I KNOW HER!!!!!!!!!!!”


  3. Hi,

    Saw the cakes u baked in I weekly.

    Is really beautiful.

    My best friend birthday is at November, n I actually wanted to plan something different for her.

    Can I check what is the price like?

    My email is: annie_tan85@hotmail.com

    Hope to hear from u soon!

    Thanx thanx.


  4. Hi

    Saw ur ads in i-weekly..

    didn’t know there is such talented person in singapore…

    well done…

    will like to know the price of your doings as well…

    please email me…

    thankie =)

    keep up the good work….

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