Mulberry Alexa in Ink Blue Cake

Edited on 14 August 2010 (added 4 picture below!)

I made a Mulberry Alexa 🙂 It’s for Disa’s birthday celebration!

I was discussing the cake with 2 ladies – D and SH. They were contemplating between a Birkin in Bougainvilla or a Mulberry Alexa in Ink Blue. After they decided on the design, they wanted the insides of the cake to match the outside! If it was the Birkin, they wanted strawberries inside, if it was the Mulberry, they wanted blueberries inside! How cute 🙂

So i baked 2 big sheets of vanilla cake and whipped up some blueberry buttercream.

Took me a good hour to tint a whole lot of fondant blue! A really good workout there.

And i started weaving fondant. I know right. I never thought i’d ever weave fondant. I must be mad hahaha.

Got a good length, trimmed it and made it into a handle.

Tah dahhhhhh.

Covered some of the cake.. See the blueberry buttercream there uncovered!

Made the rest of the bag..

And added on the nitty gritty details 🙂

The stitching.. The buckles..

My favourite part of the bag is the handle 🙂

Was really happy with the outcome!

The back of the cake.

The side!

With a small tag that says ‘Happy Birthday Disa’

I met the two pretty ladies yesterday! They were so cute – they wanted a photo with me! I was so embarrassed because i was rather sloppily dressed in shorts and T-shirt and slippers. Oops. They even brought the actual bag with them to show me. Teeheehee it looks really good. I hope i’ve made your birthday more special this year, Disa! 🙂

I’ll update this entry again when they send me pictures!


This just in – I received and email and the girls sent me a picture of the cake with the actual bag!

Cool huh? 🙂

Layers of blueberry buttercream and vanilla cake! Heh.

Thanks for reading!


52 thoughts on “Mulberry Alexa in Ink Blue Cake

  1. WOW your fondant creations are fantabulous. i wished i knew how to make them!

    this is gorgeous! you should really make one and bring it out, no one will be able to tell the difference! haha

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  3. OMG woman!! OUTSTANDING!!!!! You’re getting better and better!!! If I ever visit Singapore, I totally have to come meet you and have a baking session!!!

    Absolutely love it! Keep it up!

  4. Speechless. Fantastic.

    These are the types of cakes you feel guilty eating because of the calories AND destroying art!!
    Please tell me you make Red Velvet! 🙂

    Andrea Claire

    • aww thanks andrea! heh.
      haha i’ve made red velvet before 🙂
      you can see the recipe from one of my posts,
      just check out the archives!

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  6. Pingback: Tweets that mention Mulberry Alexa in Ink Blue Cake « --

  7. Wow love your cakes! Esp those that look like bags. It looks like the real thing from far. You’ve really got great attention to detail! I get it why you dont sell them.. you’ll have so many orders you wont be able to graduate! It’s a pity though.. guess we’ll just have to wait till you set up shop? Anw keep up the creative work =)

    • aww thanks! hahahaha no!!
      it’s just that studying is a priority right now.
      i only bake in my free time as a hobby!
      haha thanks for the encouragement madeline 🙂

      • No prob. Keep posting more pictures. I love looking at them even if I cant eat them.. keep us posted when you DO want to sell your cakes cos I bet loads of people would be queueing up for them.. (me included) haha.

  8. hey there,

    your baking is extraordinary, simply superb! my boyfriend’s 21st birthday is coming up in january 2011 and i was wondering if you would do a cake for him? I would appreciate it alot!

    let me know if you are able to do it(: i’ll be willing to pay of course, thanks a million! you can reach me at


  9. hey felicia,

    this is shirley here. was thinking if i can “trouble” you to fix a vinyl cake for my bf’s coming bday? i am willing to pay.

    your cakes are simply too beautiful to resist.. although i see ur previous comments that you dont sell your cake, but i really hope u can do me a favor … if ur time permits…

    looking forward for ur reply.

    thanks alot.


  10. Hi dear,

    I’ve came across your website and i find it fabulous!!
    I’ve decided to get a cake for my mother-in-law to be and it’s her birthday celebration this 19th Sep.
    Would appreciate if you could quote me a price for an approximately 1.5~2kg cake?
    Really hope you can help me in this!! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love your cakes!!! 😀


  11. hi felicia,

    Am really impressed with your creations! I am celebrating my hen’s nite in Nov and wondering if you will be able to do a cake for me..of course I’ll be more than willing to pay.

  12. I saw this and I almost freaked out. AMAZING workmanship & detail. And so happy that you’re in Singapore cos it means that I can order customised cakes from you!!! Beautiful..

  13. Oh.M.G.!!!! Ilooove the look of this cake! It is SO amazingly realistic, honestly! And not only that, the cake itself looks really good with the layers of the vanilla cake and buttercream. OMG! I am in awe!! 😀

  14. Hi felicia,

    your cakes are very nice and i wanna have one customised for my bgf birthday. How do i go about it???? Its actually tomorrow 28oct. 😦


  15. Hi Felicia,

    SO so so in love with all your cake designs!
    Can i order from you as well? i know that you don’t bake to sell but i am looking for someone who is super talented like you, i want to give my husband an ipad birthday cake, pls help


  16. this is my favorite bag & i never thought i would see it in another form.. haha the details are unbelievable & you are amazing!

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