Hermes Themed Cake – Feat. Joanne Peh & David Gan

Hello everyone! Heh, i’m so excited i don’t know where to start.

Here’s how it started. Joanne Peh emailed me one night expressing her interest of ordering a cake for David Gan for his birthday! (All thanks to Jaslyn and a few of my readers who recommended me on her blog) Initially the idea was to make him a Hermes Birkin. Boy was i excited! We went into details – the colour, size and everything!

Then i found out from my friends on twitter that David received a Birkin cake during his surprise party that Georgia Lee threw him! Honestly i was really upset about it because i had it all planned. Haha, so i emailed Joanne to inform her. She decided to do something different and chose the Hermes Leica Camera – You guys should go google it! There’s only like 200 pieces in the world, quite cool!

And thereafter.. Joanne was busy and it was hard to communicate with her through email. Bobbi called me to confirm that it was a camera and how many people it was gonna feed. I thought that a camera alone wouldn’t stand out, so i improvised! Under a lot of pressure that is – I want this to turn out well so badly! To be frank, i just started meddling with the cake and fondant, having no idea how the end product would look like! But once i started, the ideas started to flow.

This is a peek into the process! I twitpic-d all these with my phone. Heh. Joanne wanted a chocolate cake.

I prepared my wet and dry ingredients. 4 batches! Which ended up to be too much. I didn’t use all the cake! Well, better to overestimate than underestimate 😉

Prepared the butter and the cake pans.

Baked and cooled. Then i made the icing! It’s really good chocolate fudge! Am loving the colours of the cake and icing!

I coloured the fondant, rolled it out, cut them and added the details in. In the picture above, the process took me a good 1.5 hours. Haha! All the detail in the logo was killing me.

Cut the cake, stacked it and frosted it. Assembled the cake!

Did this part of the cake first.

Chocolate cake inside. Fully edible 🙂

Made the gift box (didn’t take pictures oops)

And lastly the camera. This was about 10pm at night already? I started putting the cake together at 830am!

Left the 3 parts of the cake in the fridge. Left the finishing touches in the morning, Joanne was gonna come at about 330pm! Was i psyched 🙂

I added the fondant ‘cloth’ all around the cake board.

Tried not to miss out any detail of the camera! Since it’s the centerpiece.

Back view of the cake.


Close up of the gift bag.

Back view.

The  gift box with a personalized note from Joanne.

The cake just came together 🙂 I think i outdid myself that day! Hehe. The cake was too tall for the cake box! So i had to improvise – i combined 2 cake boxes together to accommodate the height!


My grandma is the cutest. She was so excited! She loves Joanne on TV shows and couldn’t wait to take a picture – she was even more excited than i was i think! She asked me to print the photo for her. Heh.

Joanne’s really friendly and really gorgeous! And taller than i expected.


Tah dah! Joanne and me. Hehehe. I was smiling so widely i look like a complete idiot.

Joanne and Bobbi left a while later to the salon to give David a surprise! Heh, i didn’t go of course. Joanne called me after they cut and ate the cake. She gave me some AWESOME COMMENTS. Hahaha, it made my day 🙂

I managed to see pictures on Joanne’s blog.

Credits from Joanne’s Blog:

Courtesy of Joanne's Blog

Happy Birthday David! – If you ever see this 🙂 I hope you like it!

Courtesy of Joanne's Blog

So cute, he can’t bear to cut the cake.

And earlier today, David blogged about it too!

Courtesy of David's Blog

Thanks to all my friends for their support and encouragement and to Joanne who gave me this opportunity! Her ONE blogpost gave me so many more viewership today. It’s almost 20,000 hits today! The power of a celebrity.

And it’s crazy, the number of emails and comments FLOODING in. I apologize if i’m taking some time to reply, gimme a while, i’ll reply as soon as i can! Got so many of them and i don’t have much time! Thanks so much for your support guys 🙂

Do note that i don’t sell my cakes for a living, it’s just my passion for cakes and i do it leisurely, i’m still a student! It’s funny and flattering how some of you ask for lessons and even want to apply for jobs! Heh.

Do read Joanne’s blogpost – she wrote really nice things! Am really flattered. And David’s blogpost on the cake – he’s so lucky! So many presents from different people. Will update this post if there are any new pictures to add!

65 thoughts on “Hermes Themed Cake – Feat. Joanne Peh & David Gan

  1. Pingback: Tweets that mention New Post: Hermes Themed Cake Feat. Joanne Peh & David Gan --

      thanks so much heheh.
      yes as usual! you’ve missed the past 23487239875 cakes i made.

  2. Hi Felicia

    I was really impressed by those cakes that you have posted on your blog especially this one with the Hermes theme cake.I really hope I can order a cake from you for my wife’s birthday this coming September. Please do let me know how I can contact you in order to give you the details. pls pls i sincerely hope that you can take my order for this special occasion of mine. Thanks in advance.

    • hello kelvin! why thank you 🙂
      your wife is so lucky! heh. maybe you could drop me an email?
      i’ll try my best!

  3. hey! wow!! yeps, read it on JP’s blog ytd or sthg 🙂 still tad bit sad that the other time you couldn’t make my mom’s bday cupcakes due to unforeseen circumstances! i hope i have the chance to order fr you again, babe! 🙂 your cakes are so made with love!!

    • HELLO JU!!!! hehehe.
      thanks for the encouragement through email!
      i like that word. awesomeness. haha.
      we should do lunch again sometime soon.

  4. hi felicia! joycelin’s friend here. the cake is really amazing! im awestruck by the Chanel and the iPhone cakes… u’re really talented. keep doing what you do, you will be so so successful! 🙂 im so proud of you even though i dont know you. haha!

    • helloooooo sereneeeee!
      hahaha yes! i happened to see your wall post on fb HAHA.
      thank you, kind stranger 🙂

  5. Hi babe! The cake is awesome!!!
    can i ask how much do u charge for a 3d cake? =)
    and how long in advance do i need to order from you?

    thanks!!! =)

    • hey yan! (i call my sister that hahaha)
      i only bake as a hobby..
      don’t usually sell my bakes!
      but you could drop me an email and i’ll try to help you!

  6. We r both so TERRIBLY PROUD of you!! now we can move on and not having to worry about you !!! ha ha ha. All Our frens sends their CONGRATS!! and they are all waiting for an ocassion to order cakes from you…. dont forget our cake for tmw!! Aunty Renee says she is a fan of yours!!! ha ha ha and following yr blog closely!!!!

    • HI PA HI MA! hahaha.
      thanks to you and daddy plus all of them in the fanclub 😛
      am making the cake now!
      hello aunty renee (if you ever see this)
      see you later!

  7. omg! so exciting babe!! (: Congrats! hehe you’re famous! Now everyone is going to want to have their cake made by u! hehe me included of course! (: Looks super awesome!!!

    • hello my dear lianne 🙂
      heheheh thanks!
      you never fail to say such nice things about my cakes.
      wait till you’re back in singapore again!

  8. Hi there,

    I have an upcoming birthday celebration coming up on the 14th August, do you think it is possible to customise something for me?

    Could you please email me your rates at : D

  9. hey felicia! I have seen you a few times in Np before but nvr thought you are a great self-taught baker. your skills are totally beyond creativity! AWESOME! i am so tempted to try our cakes but they are so pretty to be eaten 😦


    aifang 🙂

  10. Hey babe, you can bake so well! Did you learn by yourself or what? I can’t believe you can bake for leisure but can come out with stuff like that! Haha where are you currently studying? 🙂

  11. Hi Felicia,

    Happen to chance upon your blog. You are one talented girl I must say and I know it is not easy being a self-taught baker as I am one myself. Hope to see more fabulous bakes from you. Can see that many people are fascinated by your 3D fondant cakes. Really impressed with your creativity. Maybe I can consult you for tips when I start making them.

    cheers and happy baking =]

    • hey dear! haha we’ve something in common! heh.
      thank you 🙂
      i’ll try my best! sure, we can learn from each other.
      you have fun baking too 🙂

  12. hi, may i know what’s the minimum size of a cake u can make? and how much wld tt cost? i wanted to do a small car figure cake for my 4yo’s bday. tks.

  13. Hi Felicia.. happened to see what U hv made for David’s birthday..impressive from a young gal like U.. My daughter’s birthday is on 21/08 and would like to check if you do dinosaur cakes… She simply love dinosaurs.. Do let mr know ur rates as well as the design if you hv made dinosaur cake before.. My email add is Thank you! 🙂

  14. Hi Felicia,
    I am interested in getting a cake from you. Am amazed at what you can do! Am looking at something that is unique to celebrate a good friend cum colleague of mine for her retirement! I can be reached at Do let me know your pricing etc.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Great job!! =)

  15. hi! so you didnt charge for this cake?0.0
    haha by the way, i am interested in getting a cake from you for my 21st birthday! cause im really impressed at your skills and feel that i can place my cake in good hands! haha please do let me know your pricing as soon as possible! thanks:D

  16. Hi!

    I am quite impressed with your cake for David Gan! I am interested to get a cake for as a surprise for my boyfriend. is it possible to liaise with you for more details through my email? Hope to hear from u soon!

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