French Earl Grey Tea Icecream

When i first saw this on Evan’s blog, i knew i had to make it.

Boy was i happy i finally made it. It’s amazing! Anyone who loves earl grey tea will love this. Even my dad who’s not a “tea person” loves it. Brought some to school for my friends too. Heh.

I had TWG’s earl grey tea bags on hand, so i cut those open to make my icecream. Should just buy the tea leaves next time! I don’t remember exactly how much tea leaves i added but it’s really up to you how strong you want it to be.

Just use your favourite vanilla icecream recipe, add and infuse the tea leaves into the mixture and churn accordingly! I used the vanilla icecream recipe Evan recommended 🙂

I just thought of making peanut butter and jelly icecream today. Maybe sometime this week. Hopefully it’ll turn out goooood!

30 thoughts on “French Earl Grey Tea Icecream

  1. I LOOOVE earl grey!!! I’m going to try this out as soon as I haul my arse down to the basement and dig out my ice cream maker!!!

    Your pics are making my mouth water as usual Felicia!!

    • hehehe then you’re gonna love this icecream.
      whats it doing kept away in the basement? TAKE IT OUT! LOL.
      awww thanks dear!

  2. HI Felicia
    Earl Grey Ice Cream so Shiok!!!! let me know when u making ice cream… gonna come over to make this for yr dad!!!

  3. I’m still contemplating whether I should buy an ice-cream machine. What brand are you using now? Your tea infused ice-cream looks great! I want I want!!! 😉

    • you should! haha. i’m using the “freeze-bowl” kind.
      used to use a kenwood one, now am using a kitchenaid attachment.
      dreaming of the electrical cuisinart one though! heheheh.
      thanks LK!

  4. Hey Felicia,

    I got your link true Joanne peh.

    Could you kindly contact me via my email provided? Have an order enquiry 🙂


  5. Old recipe books are great for ice cream recipes that don’t need special makers, try charity shops for some good ones.

  6. Hi. I recently got a ice cream machine for my birthday and made this ice cream too! Before I read this post so I must say it is such a nice flavour. If you like cinnamon you should try cinnamon ice cream, it is really good. I wanted to ask though, does your ice cream come out smooth? Mine is always really smooth after i take it out of the machine when it is soft serve, but after I freeze it in the freezer it becomes, slightly icey. Do you know how to solve this?

    • hello! ooooh cinnamon sounds heavenly.
      thanks for the suggestion!
      hmmm i don’t get icy icecream, but i’ll have to leave it out in room temperature for a while before serving.
      will need to soften it up a little!
      it may be your freezer? can be too cold for the icecream.
      i reckon it could be the recipe too.
      ahaha but i’m just guessing, im not expert! 😛

    • really? i don’t think i’ve come across anyone who doesnt like earl grey!
      haha, and yes, missing out they are! 🙂

    • ah i really don’t remember! so long ago 😛
      but it’s really up to you how strong you want the earl grey to be.

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