Chanel 2.55 Cake

It was my sister’s convocation on friday. I decided to bake her a cake she wanted as a gift. So about a week prior to her convocation, i asked her what cake she wanted. Immediately she said “Christian Louboutin!” By the way, in case you don’t already know, my sister S is shoe crazy. She has so many shoes in her room that she ended up taking photos of her shoes and labeling them on her shoe boxes so it’s easier for her to choose to match her outfits. I know right, madness.

I was rather excited to make her the CL cake. I had it all planned – the shoe box and black heels with the red soles. But i was so caught up with school i couldnt do it on time! My gumpaste heels did not dry in time. Plan backfired. Boo. I remembered her telling me the other alternatives – Chanel 2.55 or YSL. Yes my sister thinks that highly of me. Hahaha. So there. I made her a 2.55 within a day – I amaze myself sometimes.

She now expects the real one from her boyfriend LOL

I baked the cake from 8 to 10am. Then went for school, came back at 2pm and continued assembling and decorated the cake until 530pm. I should join Ultimate Cake Off hahahaha. Kidding.

We went out for dinner at a chinese restaurant and came back for the cake.

Tah dah, my first Chanel 2.55. I knew it looked like it because when my dad first saw it, he went “Wah 2.55!” Heh.

My sister chose a white Chanel 2.55 – which i was secretly happy about because i didn’t have to spend half my day tinting fondant black.

I brushed on luster dust over the white to give it a nice shine too.

Added the details in gold 🙂

Strawberries and cream! Didn’t add too much cream/strawberries because i was afraid it’ll slide and fall apart! Turned out well 🙂


Congratulations sister. We’re all proud of you!

PS: Check out Ovenhaven’s Chanel Bag cakes too! She makes them all the time 🙂


26 thoughts on “Chanel 2.55 Cake

  1. Hi
    Everyone i showed this 2.55 to, juz told me tat u r gifted!!! bake!!! bake!! bake more …..they juz cant believe this is a real cake!!

  2. Awww, thank you for the shoutout! And you’re so sweet for baking that for your sis 🙂 I’m sure she didn’t mind missing the Louboutins one bit 😛 If she did, there’s always her birthday! Haha 😀

    • Hahah I would love to try making that too! Just tough luck that the gunpaste wouldn’t dry in time. Thanks btw sam 🙂

  3. Hi Felicia,

    I am very interested in baking … have been since I was a kid… I do bake a lot on my own at home… I was wondering if you have a shop or need a helper?


    • hi kate!
      we have a common interest 🙂
      haha i wish i have a shop! this is really flattering.
      but i’m still studying!

  4. Is sure a pleasure reading ur blog.. esp looking at those theme cakes that u had baked!
    They must have taste as great as they looked!
    U are such a talent!
    Hope u can set up a channel selling ur cakes,.. i shall be one of ur customers!

    • aww thanks!
      i bake as a hobby, am still a student!
      haha! if someone requests for it though, i’ll try my best!

  5. Hihi Felicia,
    WAS very IMPRESSED with yr skilll…. my goodness.. YR CREATIONS are so beautiful. How can I bear to eat? You are really a talent!!! yr themed cake will defintely brighten everyone mood….

    Any plans to open yr bakery??? Can pm me? Dont worry, i’m not a badie.. just a simple mum ;D


    • hi jaslyn!
      why thank you 🙂 hehe too bad cakes are meant to be eaten,
      though i’d really choose not to eat it if i had a choice.
      yes it’s my dream to have a shop of my own.
      sure will drop you an email 🙂

  6. Hi there,

    Happened to chance upon your blog. Seriously think you are so very talented and the cakes you baked awesome!

    Perhaps you can consider conducting workshops, classes, and selling your cakes online?

    Seriously never seen such beautiful cakes before… :)!

    • hey jasmine!
      aww thank you!
      yes i’ve quite a number who have expressed interested in learning from me!
      if i ever manage to, i’ll let you guys know.
      you’re too kind jasmine, thank you once again!

  7. Hello,
    this cake is beautiful! i hope you do sell because i’d love to order one from you could you email me the details? like what sort of cake you can make, the flavor, size, price and collection/delivery info. Thank you so much!!

    • hi cat
      haha i don’t! am still a student and only bake as a hobby.
      am really busy with my schedule and other commitments!
      i dropped you an email.

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