iPhone Cake

I went for my cousin’s 10th birthday party today. I remember getting her toys and such when she was much younger. And i realised that in the recent years, i don’t know what to get her anymore – she’s such a big girl now! It was so much easier getting her something when she was half her age. And i don’t know what 10 year old girls these days like, with all the new trends and cartoons.

Though it has been a hectic past week, i really wanted to bake her a cake on her 10th birthday. She never does expect anything from me at all, but i know if i were to bake her a cake, it would mean a lot to her. I came up with a couple of ideas – from Monopoly Deal (“It’s My Birthday” Card) to an iPhone. Initially i wanted to keep it as a surprise but i couldn’t help myself to ask her what she’d prefer. It was a difficult choice for her, but she decided on the iPhone instead – since she can’t have the real one 😛

So on thursday, i baked the vanilla cake – her favourite! And on friday, i layered the cake, carved the cake, added buttercream, and covered the cake with fondant. Finally this morning, i made all the details – mainly the apps. I used fondant to make some of the default apps and her 2 favourite games – Angry Birds & Scramble 2.

2.5x the actual size! Just that the thickness of the iPhone cake was not in proportion, otherwise it’ll be really really thin! And i need to feed quite a number of people 😛

I only told my aunt a few days in advance about the cake plans, that’s why there was another cake besides the one i made.

I brought the cake to the venue at about 350pm. Was stuck in a massive jam. I planned to reach at 3!

Boy this cake was a crowd pleaser. The feedback was amazing.

After singing the birthday song, all the kids were chanting “Cut the Angry Birds! Cut the Angry Birds!” Haha, it was rather amusing.

Cut right across!

This was the cute part. All of my cousin’s friends were crowding around, asking for a particular app! It was so funny! You could hear them shout “I want the iPod! I want the Angry Birds!” Should’ve made more apps. Heheheh.

It was going so fast.

What made everyone laugh was that my iPhone cake was gone in less than 5 mins and the other cake my aunt bought was untouched! Hahahahaha!

My dear Ray Yi with a slice of the cake. She chose the iPod app! 🙂

To my favourite cousin: I hope this cake i made you made your party really fun and really special. I love you 🙂


63 thoughts on “iPhone Cake

  1. You’re so sweet! Your lil cousin is so lucky. 🙂 I know what you mean about getting stuff for 10-year olds. Ha! I have an 11-year old and the things she wants are sometimes not even in my league. LOL!

    • heheh. she deserves it! haven’t gotten her anything for the longest time.
      tough for you huh – your daughters!
      luckily they got a hip mom like you 😉

  2. It’s so gorgeous and looks so real! Even the apps was so carefully and thoughtfully moulded! I’m sure anyone who received this cake would be super thrilled! 🙂

  3. Did you make the apps from SCRATCH? You’re amazing!!! Your cousin is very pretty too! 🙂


    • Well, kinda. Haha as in it’s made with store-bought fondant. But yes I shaped it all from scratch! Heh I’ll thank you on her behalf 🙂 thanks dear.

  4. Lucky girl! I bet her friends would never stop talking about the cake. Good luck to their moms getting iphone cakes for their birthdays! 😛

    Gorgeous job as usual, dearie. This iPhone cake, and the Guitar Hero cake are definitely my faves!

    • haha it was really fun watching them poking around with the cake.
      hahahaha. thanks! love your signature chanel bag cakes too 😉

  5. You have wicked skills! The iphone looks mad real and those apps!
    Come to know your blog through your sis, Steph.

    • heh thanks janis, you’re too kind 🙂
      haha must be her tweets/facebook!
      i saw her “i think my sister is more famous that me” one.
      she’s mad!

  6. Hi Felicia, your iPhone cake is so lovely! My boyfriend loves Apple product and I would very much like to get him one on his birthday! May I know how much do you charge?


    • it’s just a hobby, i don’t usually sell them!
      i’m still a student. haha.
      you can drop me an email, though.

  7. hii! i chanced by ur blog and i thought the iphone cake was adorable!! 😀 really creative!! omgosh. the fondant applications are really cute :).

  8. HI there,
    Your cakes are really lovely! May I know how much do you charge for these type of cake, small sized probably? I’m keen on ordering one!!

  9. hello!! i chanced upon your blog via fb and i really admire your baking skills! i’ve never baked cakes before, so i would like to if it’s hard to do this iPhone cake? and how did you mould the apps? the colours are so real!!

    • awww thank you!
      it’s not hard, but it just takes time.
      it’s just about tinting the fondant, and slicing them into shape slowly!
      i literally had my phone beside me for reference 😛
      i don’t sell my cakes! i’m a student and do this as a hobby.
      i’ll try my best to help you out though.

      • hmm well the thing is i don’t have any baking materials like the cutter and stuff like that. and i don’t know where to get them. it’d be lovely if i could order one from you instead! you’ve got serious talent there. do you think you have time to do one sometime during end of august?

      • hi regina,
        you don’t need fancy tools! maybe just a ruler and a small knife to cut out the details!
        you could try phoon huat, they have many things there!
        hmmm, i’m afraid not.
        won’t be able to help you out there regina!

  10. hey felicia, this is amazing, you should cquit studying and open your own bakery or cake shop! I’m a student as well and I love baking too. my brother loves his iphone and i really want to make this for his birthday.

    do you mind please sending my details on how you made this?

    Thanks so much

    my email is uppma.v@hotmail.com

    • LOL I NEED TO GRADUATE FIRST. hahahahaha. it’s my last exams already!
      it’s my dream to have my own cake shop 😛
      i just dropped you an email. let me know how else i can help!

  11. wow…this is absolutely fabulous…

    pls send me the tutorial on how u made this…please….

    ull be an angel for most of the beginners to the baking world…..

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