Marlboro Cake

This was not for an order! It’s really last minute. It was like noon and i realised it was my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday. Ahem, he’s a smoker haha so i thought it would be fun to bake a cake thats related to the brand he smokes.

And i don’t smoke fyi! I’m not promoting smoking 😛 Dang, first it’s the beer cake, now it’s ciggs. Should stop baking these bad things! Hahaha. Don’t drink/smoke, eat cake!

Want a stickslice anyone?

The weather was really really bad so i couldnt do the details properly. The colouring kept bleeding as i was drawing in the details. Grr. So not much detail there. My sister tricked him back home and i brought the cake out while he was waiting in the car for my sister.

Fail photo taken by my boyfriend LOL. It was about 7pm at that time.


Blew and cut the cake outside the house and he brought it back home.

This spontaneous decision to bake paid off. Was quick and not that bad. Baked a vanilla sponge with blueberry cream and preserves. It’s his favourite – everytime i bake he’ll ask me “is it with blueberries?” Hahaha!

Happy 26th Birthday, Big Guy! 🙂


23 thoughts on “Marlboro Cake

    • hahaha! if only i’ve more time, i’ll make so many more!
      for now.. these are the only few.
      also because of my limited skills!

    • HAHA everyone would just lose their appetite!
      dont think i can draw that well anw 😛
      have yet to see more pix of your eclairs!

      • Well you could have done the happy family bhahahaha no need to do one of the gross ones. I’ll save a pack of the funny HK warnings to show you next time 🙂

  1. Hi Felicia,
    Your bakes are always very beautifully done. You’re so talented. I love all those fondant cakes that you have made. Thanks very much for sharing. 🙂

    • It’s about 700 to 800 I think. And nope. It doesn’t come with it. All attachments are sold seperately.

  2. Hi Felicia,

    This cake really make me laugh.. (I mean.. your idea are great and I believe not many are capable of..), you are really gifted in baking..

    I think my dad will weep if I am able to bake a Marlboro Cake to him.. but I am not good in baking..

    You must have brought lot of joys to many people..

    • hello jasmine!
      haha yes it’s quite funny isnt it? thank you babe!
      you should really give it a shot,
      think he’ll be really happy! 🙂

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