Paulaner Beer Cake

This is an cake order from my stepmom’s (I know, she’s been getting me A LOT of orders) niece, Janice – Hello if you’re reading this! It’s for her hubby’s birthday!

At first i was asked to do a car cake. Not just any car, a Mitsubishi Evo in particular. After much thought, i decided to not be so ambitious. It is indeed within my reach, for now at least.

So i asked for an alternative, and she told me beer. Well, perfect, no? Simple enough a cake! She mentioned Paulaners in particular, and attached a picture of a tall Paulaners glass. But she allowed me to play around with the idea. A tall Paulaners glass would be too tall to stand as a cake, and i think wouldn’t look as appealing if it’s laid down. So i opted for a mug instead!

A pint of beer, anybody?

Here’s a couple of snippets from my phone!

I used a round cutter and cut out 5 circles, stacking them up. Loads of cake left, good for a teabreak!

With chocolate ganache in between each layer.

And all around too!

Coloured fondant in some buttercup yellow.

Covered in fondant, and topped with the meringue i baked earlier on! Looks really ugly here huh. The magic? Whipped cream!

Whipped some cream and piped it around to cover the gap!

And at the same time, make it overflow! Hehe.

Beer can also be a really good dessert, you know? πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Paulaner Beer Cake

  1. Hey! I am very impressed! How did you do the logo? I saw in the previous comments that you do not sell the cakes? If you don’t, is there anyone or anywhere else i can go to?

    Or could you share the recipe? Maybe I can try to do it myself… I’ve got at least 6 months to practice… haha!

    • hi joanna! its hand drawn with royal icing.
      i bake as a hobby, though i have requests from readers who want to order from me.
      you could use any cake recipe you like πŸ™‚
      the out side is just fondant that can be bought off the shelf.
      all the best!

  2. yummy cake u baked!!
    hubby n son loved it!!
    now u hav almost a year to master an evo cake…hahaaa…
    thanks babe!!

  3. hey! I totally love the cake, you did the monk VERY well and I work for Paulaner. I sent a picture/link to share with my colleagues and we are in awe of your talent! πŸ™‚

    good job!

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