Pro-fit Institute

Was busy over the weekend baking for an opening of a gym. This was ordered by my stepmom her friend who opened the gym.

I think their logo is really clever. It’s ‘Profit’ when put together. And in short, it’s PI which explains the mathematical pi in red.

It’s a 3 layered carrot cake, just like my LV cake. Covered in fondant and hand drawn in royal icing.

My stepmom told me that it was well received and everyone loved it. They thought that the cake was ordered from a cafe nearby! Haha, so flattered. Mmm. Had a good time making this cake and really pleased with how it turned out.

Pro-fit Institute
316 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park
Singapore 247978

And their facebook page 🙂

I promise my recipe posts will be back soon 😛 I know i haven’t been sharing recipes of late! Heh, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Pro-fit Institute

    • thanks laureen!
      ah trust me i had so much trouble.
      i practiced at least a thousand times before i gathered enough courage!
      hehe yeah, really smart!

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