The weather these days are disgusting. The thunderstorms then the scorching sun? The humidity is killing me. On a day like this when i don’t feel like baking.. I’d make frozen yogurt/froyo! 🙂 I usually use natural yogurt and add no sugar. But you can you any you want!

Better still if you have fruits 🙂

So a couple of days ago, Vickii came over to bake. A really impromptu decision. We made cinnamon buns, chocolate chip scones (i’ll do a update later!) and froyo 🙂

Decided to make strawberry froyo!

Natural yogurt..

And blend it in with an immersion blender! You can use any fruit/flavouring you want. And add sugar at this point if you like yours sweet. There’s no recipe to this because you can add anything of any amount you like.

Looks like strawberry milkshake!

Churn in your icecream maker 🙂

Until you get a nice consistency. We put the froyo into a piping bag with a big star tip and put it in the freezer while we cut up some fruit.

We used strawberries, kiwi and canned peaches!

Pipe it into a bowl and top it off with whatever you like! Cereal.. Fruits.. Biscuits.. Anything!

We had sooooo much froyo that day.

Second bowl! This one had crushed digestive biscuits too.

A few days later i made one for myself.

Topped off with fruity pebbles 🙂

Kiwi froyo this time! Hehe 😀

School’s in! Sigh this stinks. And i’ve to be in school for tutorial in half an hour. Boo.

P.S. Gonna bring V to check out this ramen place this thursday! Watch out for another few posts coming up!


22 thoughts on “Froyo

    • i believe froyo was in one of the episodes!
      i think homer had it. haha.
      yeah i prefer mine without sugar.
      the ones sold outside are too sweet for me.

    • thanks cherie.
      yes it is! just like any other icecream/sorbet.
      you’d have to freeze it and give it a stir every hour or so.
      do this until you get a thick consistency.
      time consuming but worth it!

  1. Looks so yummy! Is it a must to use the immersion blender? can i just put everything into a normal blender? Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  2. Hi Felicia! 🙂 May I know where did you get your mixer? The name of it too! I’ve been looking for one for the longest of time and yours looks really wowz! Hehe

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