Max Brenner’s, Yigloo & Baking!

School just started this week. Doesn’t feel as though i had a holiday. Haven’t been blogging so here’s what i have been up to!

Yesterday i met up with Vickii and went to check out Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar. We had lunch at Thai Noodle House (no pictures whoops) and drove to Vivocity. You should join Vickii & i if you wanna tour Singapore, cos we’re really bad with directions and are lost half the time πŸ˜› We started off with some Daiso shopping omg $2 heaven. Spent a good 1.5 hours there and bought quite a number of useful (and useless) stuff.

Off to Max’s to check out the Chocolate Souffle! There’s one at Esplanade but thought Vivocity was more accessible so went to the one there instead.

We entered and started snapping away! Was kinda embarrassed cos the shopkeeper was looking over. So we ordered first, then continued snapping away πŸ˜›

2 DSLRs snapping away!

The menu!

They had really pretty things on display! Went to check them out and realised you could pick a box, and pick chocolates you want to pack inside!

All really cute! Check the mouse out. Haha.

These are too cute! They look like CDs boxes right?

Awesome for gifts.

They even sell mugs and body products! Like lotions and all. Really quite interesting.

Each table has a bottle of water so you can help yourself to a glass! Looks familiar eh? They’re from Ikea! I know cos i used them to make my homemade vanilla extract πŸ˜›

Here come’s our long awaited Chocolate Souffle! You have a choice of chocolate or raspberry sauce. We chose the chocolate sauce!

Served with vanilla icecream, strawberry, blueberries, crunchy chocolate beads. 16 bucks, not including service charge.

Have seen a couple of photos before we had ours. And was WAYYYYY smaller than we thought it was! Vickii and i shared one.

Me pouring the chocolate sauce over. Picture courtesy of Vickii!

And if you realised, the bottle that holds the chocolate sauce is in a mini flask!

Boy it was goooood. That’s two happy girls for you πŸ™‚ But i guess the only thing that disappointed me was the vanilla icecream. It was ordinary. Like a supermarket housebrand kind. Slightly icy too. Oh well. But Max, i forgive you, for your chocolate souffle made my day.

Took our time and finished it. I can’t say for now how good it really is because i havent had many molten cakes at cafes and stuff. But for now, i’d say its really really good. It’s the kind of dessert you’d never forget. The kind where it’ll be the first to pop in your head if you’re ever hungry for dessert.

We’ll definitely be back again!

And we had some time to kill.. AND more space in our tummies. So why not froyo? ^^

Made our way to Yigloo. We shared a medium cup green tea froyo. $5.50!

Self serve toppings. Picture courtesy of Vickii.

The shop concept was really interesting. They had really cute cartoon stickers all over!

Let’s do the Yigloo.. Like we did last summer~

Too cute!

Small chairs and tables πŸ˜› Yeah that ends our carb/sugar/calories overload for yesterday! I swear i slept so well after a day’s of good food.

Vickii & i are definitely gonna hang out much more often. So many places on our list to check out. It’s probably gonna be a weekly/fortnightly affair πŸ˜‰ Ramen next week! Hehe.

This is long overdue but.. About 2 weeks back? I was at V’s place to bake.

And we made Mont Blanc, our version! Photos courtesy of V. Turned out well πŸ™‚

Chestnut cream, Chocolate ganache, SablΓ©. Honestly i cannot remember where we took the chestnut cream and sablé recipe from. But they’re so many recipes out there. With different combinations we couldn’t decide! But yeah, it turned out well πŸ™‚

About a week later, Andrea came over to my place! She wanted to make brownies so badly.

So we tried the Cheesecake Marbled Brownies from Smitten Kitchen.

I’d make it again.. But with half the sugar and butter. Wayyyyy too sweet and greasy i almost died just having a bite. Don’t know about you but that’s just my take on it.

Dinner later! I’ll take photos and post them up, because my stepmom’s cooking is awesomeeeee.


8 thoughts on “Max Brenner’s, Yigloo & Baking!

  1. I like chocolate but majority of my friends blamed me for wasting their money.

    NOT A PLACE FOR GROUP GATHERING even if you are treating them!

    How many people can appreciate EXPENSIVE chocolate?

    • hello! haha. it is kinda steep for that small portion.
      but its always worth a try and once in a while splurge on that kinda thing.
      i’d go for it once in a long while! heh.

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