LV Hardsided Luggage Cake

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With lots of planning, plenty of perseverance, much support from friends and my room which i turned upside down..

I made an LV bag cake. The hardsided luggage to be exact.

This whole thing took my about 2 days. It’s for my boyfriend’s mom who’s turning 50 on the 15th of April. But i arranged a surprise dinner on the 11th, a sunday. Boy, was it a blast.

First day was spent making the knitty gritty details of the cake. The buckles and what not.

Painted in gold! I was so nervous about this cake. Didn’t know if it’ll turn out well, i didn’t dare announce it to everyone that i was gonna attempt one! Until halfway through the process i gave myself away by putting my Facebook status as “LV should just hire me” HAHA.

First day was also spent rolling out chocolate fondant and painting in the pattern. Yes, every single symbol is handpainted. I had to take breaks in between because my back was killing me! These 5 rows of symbols took me about 1.5 hours to paint.

Can you imagine i had soooo many to paint?!

This was into the second day already and i still haven’t finished painting them in! I was so panicky.. At this point i asked my boyfriend..

Me: Do you think i’m crazy?
Him: To do this cake? Nope, but it’s making you go crazy i think.


Painted in all the sides finally and put on the details. Had to measure every single thing carefully! Didn’t wanna screw up after all i’ve done!

Pieced them together and i could just die happy at that moment 😛 Almost there! At this point there was only about 1.5 hours left to dinner!!!!!

Did the handle.. Added the buckles and made a tag.

Hehe, ready to go!

Happy 50th Birthday!

My dad saw it and couldn’t stop laughing. He was so amused by it. My stepmom and dad kept snapping away with their phones and sent it to their friends. I instantly got a cake order 6 months in advance to make this for a Registry of Marriage! Omg.. Not confirmed yet though.

Can’t imagine being stuck in my room with fondant and colouring for another 2 whole days! LOL. My stepmom then joked with me that she wants a Bottega for her birthday this year HAHAHA. I’ll just go nuts weaving fondant.

Then made our way to dinner. I was holding on to the cake with my life.. My boyfriend is an *ahem* awesome *cough* driver. Hahahahah.


Hehe i love this place.

Oh by the way. This is the decoy cake. Her sister had an evil idea and bought a small cake and stuck 50 candles in! Hahaha! So we conned her into thinking this was her birthday cake. Omg, i felt so bad. Haha! But yeah, she was pleasantly surprised when she saw us all there.

We ate in the alfresco area! A little warm that evening.. But it wasn’t that bad.

For starters, to share..

Three Dips with Assorted Breads and Crisps

Grilled Squid Salad

And the main courses..

Signature Prawn Pasta with Zucchini and Parmigiano Cheese

Rotisserie Chicken with Desiree Potato Puree and Broccoli

Signature Spruce Burger with Hand Cut Chips

The food was awesome i must say. I personally like the pasta best! Each of us were to have one main each but ended up sharing everything. The portions were a little too small if you ask me. But the staff there were really helpful.

After dinner.. We brought out the surprise 🙂

I wrote in the birthday card “Because i cannot afford a genuine LV bag, i baked you one” HAHAHA!

It’s a 3-layered carrot cake btw.

2 days of work, destroyed in 2 secs of the knife. Haha, but it was all sooooo worth it. Looking at all the smiles and hearing all the praises 🙂

When i uploaded the photos yesterday on facebook, comments were flooding in! Made my day. Hehe, more cake orders coming in! Don’t know if i’d still be ambitious enough to do more of these cakes 😛

Thanks for reading!


54 thoughts on “LV Hardsided Luggage Cake

  1. I want a daughter-in-law like you. Serious. When my sons have girlfriends next time, I will send them to you for training. Serious!! YOU ARE AMAZING. The sweetest girl, EVER. I don’t even know where to begin to compliment you on that piece of art.

    • send them over! hahahahaha.
      youd do an awesome job yourself baking/cooking,
      you can teach also, lah!
      aww. thanks so much ju.
      your comment made my day!!

  2. wow, this is amazing. The hand painted fondant is fantastic. The patience you must have to make something like this is impressive.

    I love the decoy cake trick too!

    • thank you so much taz!
      haha but trust me, it was mentally torturing.
      i thought it was never gonna end!
      haha yeah, though the trick is kinda evil and i felt bad! haha!

    • hehe thank you lorraine!
      didnt find a class which teaches something like that..
      but well, being self-taught is not bad too! heh.
      thank you 🙂

  3. Felicia your cake is absolutely amazing. I love LV bags and making the cake is exactly how they make the bags. The cake is so full of detail. I bet it tasted delicious too.

    • thanks dear 🙂
      i literally had to go to the website to look at it! haha!
      love your latest chocolate souffle btw.
      looks heavenly.

  4. “LV hardsided luggage bag” caught my eye when I was looking through Passion Baker’s blog. It’s my first visit to your blog. I’m particularly amazed and impressed by your handpainted LV logo. Congrats for a bag well-done.

    • haha clare! you’re too cute.
      ah naw. i just enjoy what i do. hehe.
      i’m sure you’d do a great job if you attempted one too!
      dont be jealous 😉

  5. Whoa! i’ve seen all the creations, this one’s my personal fav.
    I can’t bare to eat such a lovely cake with so much effort put into the cake.(In agony)

  6. HELLO.

    your cake is SO PRETTY.

    i am thinking of getting one for my 21st birthday. may i know how much it will cost? do get back to me as im very keen in your cakes!


  7. Can I ask how much does it cost to make a LV hangbag cake about 1kg? I would like to surprise my cousin who loves LV so much with your brillant creation! =D

  8. Hi, I read the article on 8-Days and checked out your website!

    You’re really really talented! Can you drop me a line how much it roughly costs to order this cake and how long you will need? I want to order for my crazy-about-LV-best-friend!

    Thanks so much and keep baking!

    Best wishes,

  9. Hey, do u accept order? I would really love to have that kind of birthday cake u know… I madly fall in love with LV, Bottega, and Hermes.. I don’t mind paying you any price for making me that kind of “WOW” birthday cake.. I saw your hermes cake (for David Gan’s bday).. That was AWESOME!! You are such a blessed and talented girl! GBU abundantly.

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