Kueh Lapis

Because work has been depriving me of my baking time.. I baked immediately when i got home from work yesterday! My sister thought i had gone bonkers. Haha. Really quite tedious (you’ve to bake layer by layer!) and i wasn’t confident because it’s my first time making this. It turned out amazing well.

The layers are thinner than what i see outside! It was really pretty to look at.

I took a good 3 hours to make this. All the hard work paid off.

No step by step pictures.. But recipe and one more photo behind the cut!

Kueh Lapis
Recipe from Rose’s Kitchenette

25 egg yolks
5 egg whites
500g butter
200g sugar
1 tin condensed milk
170g plain flour
2 tbsp golden syrup
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp mixed spices

1.  Cream butter with condensed milk, vanilla essence, golden syrup & mixed spices till well mixed and set aside.
2.  Beat egg yolks with sugar until thick and creamy.
3.  Add beaten egg yolk mixture to the creamed butter mixture and mix well.  Fold in sifted flour.
4.  Beat egg whites with a pinch of cream of tartar until stiff and fold in the beaten egg mixture.
5.  Grease and line an 8″ square tin and preheat tin.
6.  For first layer, spread 2 tbsp of mixture in tin and bake in oven at 180 degree C for 10-15 min.
7.  For subsequent layers, grill each layer for about 3 min or less.
8.  When top most layer is completed, cover tin with a tray or a piece of foil and bake for a further 5 min.  It will take  longer if the sides are still wet.
9.  Turn cake out onto a metal grid and let cool completely before cutting.

Mine’s thinner than most because i used a 10″ (i think) square pan when it supposed to be an 8″ one. Hehe, quite proud of myself for all that work! I’ll never eat Kueh Lapis the same way ever again, considering all the effort and time being put in. After baking it myself, i know why people sell it at such a high price.

Haha, and yes, you read it right, its 25 eggs. Twenty. Five. Hahaha! I had such a fun time cracking and seperating them. It’s a win-win situation because i get yummy kueh lapis + a whole ziplock of leftover egg whites that i froze. Perfect for my macaron baking 😉

Will be meeting Ju next week! Any other bloggers care to join us? 🙂

36 thoughts on “Kueh Lapis

      • hehe posted on the macarons! (: don’t look perfect. But I got the “feet” that I have been waiting for! thanks for all ur tips and encouragement! hehe

        and yes! Can’t wait to try these!

      • just saw your post dear.
        well done!
        i think they look great.
        when i first had feet i was jumping all around!

      • thanks dear (: wow! this is no joke! haha Think I will try it when I have alot of eggs to spare! haha But well done once again! It looks AWESOME!

  1. Your kueh lapis looks absolutely perfect! It looks like 30 layers from a glance. Am I correct? It’s really amazing! I must salute you for your patience and talent in baking. WELL DONE! 😉

  2. Oh wow, you’re definitely made of special things to be baking kueh lapis after work! I’ve always been put off by the sheer amount of eggs it uses 😛 Yours look really intricate with the thin layers! Good job, Fel!

  3. Hi Felicia!

    I’d love to meet up with you and Ju, though I don’t know both of you that well..hehe.. But I’d love a chance to see you great bakers in person!

    Your kueh lapis looks REALLY good =) and this recipe rocks yea? =)

    • we’re just cyber friends, for now 😛
      we havent met before! haha maybe you could drop me an email..
      and we can arrange something next week!
      haha thank you! just saw your blog and realised you made some too.
      coincidentally. haha. hope to hear from you soon!

    • haha i didnt think i had the patience too.
      but i was kinda outta my mind that day..
      once you start actually, you won’t want to stop!
      cos all your efforts wouldve gone down the drain.

  4. Those are some serious looking layers! Oh and I hope you saved those egg whites… I can think of a million different ways to cook them with starting with… MACARONS!!! 🙂

  5. 25 yolks!?! gadzooks! and 3 hours of labor? that seems well worth it indeed–what you’ve created is a sight to behold! very impressive debut, felicia. 🙂

  6. Hi, when you say “grill” subsequent layers, can we bake instead? I’m not sure if I have a grill. And how do you prevent the layers from burning??

    • hello marlom! no i’m afraid you can’t use the bake function.
      we want to only have heat coming from the top!
      if we use the normal baking function, the bottom layers would be overbaked.
      do look out for the grill/broil symbol on your oven!
      it should be a line or a jagged line at the top 🙂
      this website may be of some help
      you have to keep a close eye during the baking process!
      3 mins is a really short time and you can’t afford to leave it on its own.
      hope that helps dear!

  7. Hi there!

    How big is the tin of condensed milk that you used? And do you use unsalted butter or?

    Thanks! I am sure the hours you put in paid off. I can’t wait to bake mine

  8. Hi, i stumbled onto your link when i search around for kueh lapis recipe. May i know which type of “mix spices” did you use? And is it the normal “tin” size of condensed milk which you used?

    • i bought the mixed spiced in the little bottles..
      the same kind where they sell dried herbs and spices? yup.
      i use the milkmaid brand!

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