Macaron Class

I had my macaron class 2 days ago! So here’s the update about it πŸ™‚

The cost of the class included a silpat mat for you to bring home! At the start of class, they gave me an apron, a macaron template, the recipe, a silpat mat, a redemption card and dry egg white.

This place is tucked in Portsdown Road. It’s quite hard if you don’t take a taxi or drive because it’s quite deep in. |Never knew such a beautiful place existed in Singapore! It’s like a residential area with a couple of restaurants and cafes.

It’s at block 1! Opposite ColBar. It’s a really nice place! Could never tell a cooking school is held there.

They’re on the third floor!

Nice old school feel. But wait till you step in!

Don’t you just LOVE the kitchen? It was fully air conditioned and so well equipped. They hold all kinds of classes here for all sorts of cuisines.

A nice sofa and cooking equipment. They even have a coffee machine there! You can have a cup of coffee or some water during your class.

They even have a coffee machine there! You can have a cup of coffee or some water during your class.

Spices! There were many shelves and organisers with all kinds of tools and ingredients.

They also have a lovely long balcony.

They are an award winning cooking school! You can see all kinds of certificates there. And photos of celebrities too.

So here i am, at Chef Lynn Chen’s macaron class.

This is Chef Lynn! A really nice lady who was more than happy to answer our questions.

It was quite funny. She asked the class “Who made macarons before?” So i raised my hand. “How’d it go?” she asked. “Great!” i beamed. “So what are you doing here?” Haha! Whoops.

But yes, as many already said/asked the same thing.. It’s because i want to see how differently people make macarons and improve of course!

Chef Lynn doing a demo first before we start. The only difference actually, is that the recipe calls for dry egg white, which i don’t use. She clarified that meringue powder is not a substitute for it.

We didn’t use mixers that day. We had to whisk it by hand. But it was easier than i thought. Heh, but then again, we were beating barely one egg white. Made a small batch. We had to make chocolate and lemon macarons on our own that day.

Demonstrating the consistency of the macaron batter.

And how to pipe! She said to pipe it not too high or too low. Squeeze until it fills the inner circle of the template, stop squeezing and release!

The tip used is much smaller than what i usually use. Which i feel that is better actually. Has more control.

Piping the rest on the silpat mat.

If you look carefully at what she’s wearing.. She’s from Le Cordon Bleu. And i found out she was at the one in Tokyo! Woah..

So let’s get started! We prepared the ingredients and baked in pairs, because there were limited resources.Β We used 2 ovens at a go. Got to know a few people and even made friends. The class was fun and i really had a blast, espcially when all of us share something in common : a passion for baking/cooking, if not, eating! Hahaha!

Chef Lynn waiting to inspect our tools and procedure!

She left her piped macarons out to dry in the air conditioned room. I don’t dry my macarons when i bake them at home. But maybe now i should. Will show you why later!

Correcting our mistakes..

This is Chef Lynn’s macarons baking!

My turn!

Yay shiny shells. Now onto why you should leave your shells out to dry..

The skin formed while drying helps to make the feet more obvious! MUCH more obvious.

Look at it! It’s amazing. It’s like 245349085 times bigger than my usual macaron feet.

Onto the lemon macarons!

See how the more obvious feet makes it more pretty? I still have to much to learn!

Mmmm. Valrhona chocolate ganache. Mmmm. Perfection.

Didn’t get a picture of the lemon macarons though. But you should be able to imagine how pretty and awesome it is! It was really good. I brought it over to my boyfriend’s family and they thought it was not bad too! Heh.

You can check outΒ Palate Sensations’ WebsiteΒ πŸ™‚ Depending on what kind of class, it can either be held at Westbourne Road, Wessex Estate StudioΒ (the one i went to) or Tangs, The Kitchen. I think the next macaron class they’ll be having is in April for those of you who are interested! Or just drop them an email.

It’s so much fun and i highly recommend it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

38 thoughts on “Macaron Class

    • oh yeah! now i remember about the egg white powder.
      wow really? for my class, hers turned out good.
      so did the rest of ours! she’s quite a sweetheart.
      heh yes, i filled it with lots of lemon curd!

    • i know right! its like my ideal kitchen.
      the kitchen island.. the air conditioning and all!
      absolutely great for a cooking class.

  1. That kitchen is fabulous!
    I LOVED this post because I still haven’t made macarons. I have to be the only blogger left who hasn’t tried! Your step by step photos were perfect. Going to bookmark everything here so when I try them I have your directions!

    • yes it is right!
      aww thank you! no you’re definitely not the last one πŸ˜‰
      will look out for your macaron post then.
      all the best!

    • heh. i asked chef lynn the same question.
      she said leaving your egg whites out is not necessary.
      but it definitely will be more stable than a fresh egg white.
      dry egg whites is just to make sure its very stable.
      so what you’re doing is not wrong πŸ˜‰
      and you’re most welcome!

  2. Thanks for sharing your macaron baking class. I feel like attending one too if I do get a chance. The kitchen is so awesome! Btw, is the silpat mat useful in baking? I still haven’t bought one yet. πŸ˜‰

    • you’re most welcome!
      when you do decide to attend any, do let me know πŸ™‚
      yeah absolutely love the kitchen.
      hmmm. baking wise i think its not necessary. but its good to use.
      its good for rolling pastry and fondant, though!

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  5. Hey Fel! Pam from that same class we took here πŸ™‚ oh my I’m super amazed by the shots you took! Palate Sensations should so pay you for the publicity.. those were very very nice photos! Makes me wanna take up photography too. Anw the photos are very helpful. I can refer to them just in case I forget what we learnt that day. Thanks!

    • hi pam! nice meeting you that day! πŸ˜‰ pleasure.
      i dont/didnt take photography classes!
      i just aim and shoot. hahaha.
      most welcome. keep in touch, and maybe one day we’ll go for one of these classes again!

  6. Hi, is her class good? I’m still contemplating between hers and joycelyn’s at shermay. Chef Lynn looks very fierce and strict!

    • hello allie! yeah she’s not bad.
      i know she looks kinda stern, but she’s really quite friendly!
      she answered all our questions and guided us along the way.
      not sure about jocelyn’s, but both should be good πŸ™‚

  7. hi, chanced upon your blog and thought i’d let you know that you will have a new reader here … XD

    the class you attended seems fun though i am rather shocked to see that the instructor has painted nails … that’s a big no no 😦

  8. Hey girl!!

    I really love doing macarons but always fail… may you send me the recipe??!

    Hopefully can! thanks really!

  9. These macarons r actually baked at a heat too high. So when it rises too high to fast, it collapsed n had the feet jutting out at the sides which make these macarons not v pretty.. & yet it looks like the centre of the just baked macarons shells r alittle still darker.. Like the batter is alittle over mixed.

    Kitchen is definitely 1 to die for n I’m sure fillings r good, since her culinary background is our envy.. Would advice u ladies to try out itallian macarons if u girls has yet to to have a good control on mixing the batter coz itallian hot merengue thou seemed more difficult to manage w the hot sugar but once you get the hang of it, u’ll face less failure than French merengue. Guess the class must b quite ex huh? πŸ™‚

    • hello cam! thanks for sharing.
      yeah i would agree that italian macarons are more stable.
      i personally prefer the french version though.
      i don’t remember how much i paid, was quite long ago.
      but i enjoyed myself!

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