My First Baking Video On YouTube!

And it’s on chocolate macarons, because quite a few of you have been asking for it 🙂 Enjoy!

Looking forward to making more videos! 🙂


38 thoughts on “My First Baking Video On YouTube!

    • thanks! haha yeah kinda cheating 😛
      cos after a while of piping i’ll get tired and it’ll be of all strange sizes!

  1. Lovely video! I love the small petite size!!

    The feet looks excellent! Does the macaron soften after leaving it out for a while? That’s what I felt i encountered when I tried it =(

    • thank you youfei!
      for a while? definitely not.
      i can leave it our for hours and it still remains crispy on the outside.
      but i’ll eventually put it in airtight containers!
      hope your next attempt will be better!

      • hmm actually the situtaion changes according to times of the year. when I was making it during the rainy season, i.e. oct – dec period, the softening of the shells were quite bad. But they worked perfectly fine earlier on in the year.

        Have you tried making with the italian meringue method though?

        Oh and I realised that you don’t age the whites?

      • hmmm not sure about how the weather affects it..
        nope havent tried the italian meringue one!
        this one works fine for me so i think im just gonna stick with it haha.
        and no i don’t age my egg whites!
        haven’t done a comparison of using aged/unaged egg whites.
        fresh egg whites seem to be fine, though! 🙂

      • cool! I shall try once with fresh egg whites!

        Oh and may I ask about how big are the macarons that you make? They look very cute! =p

        Also, how many macarons do you get from that recipe?

        Pardon my long windedness! Hope you don’t mind!

      • i got 56 one-inch in diameter macaron shells with just HALF the recipe!
        haha but thats cos its really small.
        but its not a lot if you think about it.
        haha its alright! you’re most welcome 🙂

  2. I love the video – very informative especially for first time macaron bakers! – looking forward to seeing more!

    • hi jane!
      hmm it works fine for me here.
      you might want to go straight to youtube and give it a search!
      here’s the direct link 🙂

      • Hmm…. Tried it twice but fail. The batter seems too runny…… Do you think it is bcos my egg whites are not stiff enough?
        Pls help. Thanks

      • hi jane. there are many factors – it could be anything!
        but i guess usually it’s the beating of egg whites to the right stage and overmixing.
        try and try again! it took me quite a couple of attempts before i got it right.
        all the best!

  3. i have problem with the ground almond as i cant really sieve it out easily. i bought from phoon huat the extra fine ground almond. Any advice?

    • hello! can’t sieve through those really fine ones of course.
      even if its the extra fine one from phoon huat, it’s not very uniform,
      there’s always bound so be a couple of lumps.
      i still process the ground almonds and put it through the sieve!

  4. Hi Felicia,
    thanks for sharing this video! Tried it just now, my batter seems runny cos when i piped it on the baking paper, it expanded unlike yours stayed firm within the circle you traced. I don’t think i over-folded it. Pls help. TIA!

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