Rose Macarons

It’s been forever since i made macarons. And it definitely made some difference with the lack in practice. Just a few days ago i had this urge to make them! Think it’s the exams (my first paper later today!) and  i needed to destress 😛 So i decided to make some rose macarons for my friends.

Again, i used the same recipe from Tartelette 🙂

3 egg whites

110g of ground almond

200g of icing sugar

50g of sugar

Something to top off the macarons shells with

Piping bag with a big round tip

And we’re ready to go 😀

Mix the ground almond and icing sugar together. Add your powdered colouring if you want!

Whip those egg whites! And slowly add in the sugar. I used vanilla sugar 🙂

Look at how it starts to hold it’s shape!

Whip until you get the ‘shaving cream’ consistency.

Add half the dry ingredients to your egg whites.


Add the rest of the dry ingredients.

And fold until you get a slow moving, flow-like-magma consistency. Mix until just incorporated, nice and glossy.

Pipe them onto parchment paper/silicon mat.

Top them off with pretty things!

Bake at 280F for about 18 to 20 mins depending on size. I ended up baking 2 batches of different colours.

Make rose buttercream! Didn’t exactly have a recipe for it. Haha. But i just whipped some butter, icing sugar, rose essence and powdered colouring together until my desired consistency. You could use rose syrup too!

A bouquet of roses macarons!

I sandwiched my macarons on lollisticks like Tartelette and Bakerella! Obviously not as pretty 😛 Need more practice yo. Hahahaha.

Hehe, for my favourite people. Love you guys!

Behind the scene pineapple tarts during CNY 😀

My boyfriend, AKA the pineapple man by my cousins. Haha!

My 2 cousins and my aunt. She said ‘Don’t you post my picture on your blog!’ Hahahaha! So i chose this picture 😛

And.. She turns 46 today! Happy Birthday Auntie Siew Hwa 🙂 Bake you something after my exams 😀 Love you!

Okay off to revising my work. After wednesday = 7 weeks of awesomeness 😀


27 thoughts on “Rose Macarons

  1. Who is that pretty girl holding up the bouquet of rose macarons? 😀 As always you make the loveliest macarons effortlessly. Your lucky pineapple man. Been missing you in the blogosphere, Fel! 😦

    • don’t make me blush ju 😛
      hahaha thank you!
      mr pineapple man is very picky about the things i bake. heh.
      i know dear 😦 can’t wait till wednesday is over!
      it’ll be 7 weeks of intensive baking (and blogging!)

    • haha! can’t seem to pipe my shells properly now.
      need more practice! but indeed, tartelette’s and bakerella’s look awesome.
      i’m sure you can bake them as well dear!

    • thank you kat! can’t wait to see your post on pineapple tarts.
      haha one recipe at a time. i enjoy your philippine cuisines!
      always so simple and looking so gorgeous.
      heh you’re most welcome. i think i’m going on a mac frenzy soon 😛

    • sorry i only just saw your comment!
      it somehow appeared as spam. haha.
      there’s many reasons to it.
      eg. overmixing, overbeating, water in the bowl, humidity etc.

  2. Hi, i’ve chanced upon your blog and will love to use your recipe to make macaroons.

    How did you get the pink effect after the step: Add half the dry ingredients to your egg whites. ?

    And where did you get the pretty heart topping? will love to use those as my toppings too!

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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